Why Is Michelle Duggar Homeschooling About Bankruptcy Law?

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For years, Michelle Duggar’s decision and ability to homeschool all 19 of her children have been questioned. Fans and critics often wonder if she has enough knowledge to properly educate her kids.

Others wonder if the kids are learning everything they need to know based on their grade levels.

In the past, fans have especially been concerned for Josie Duggar, the youngest of Michelle and Jim Bob’s children.

Fans caught a glimpse of some of her schoolwork online and realized she might be behind, based on the content being taught. Others are concerned she might not get enough attention from her parents with so many other children and grandchildren around.

Now, one of Michelle Duggar’s homeschooling lessons is being discussed online. So, why was she teaching her kids about bankruptcy law?

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Why did Michelle Duggar teach her kids about bankruptcy law?

On Reddit, Duggar snarkers are chatting about Michelle homeschooling her kids. The conversation was started by a teacher who says they “cringe” when they see how Michelle educates her children. They add, “The schools aint well in that household. Those poor kids never stood a chance.”

In response to this post, other snarkers are talking about particular lessons they saw on 19 Kids & Counting and Counting On over the years.

They remember seeing Michelle teach her children about bankruptcy law. In one old scene, Michelle explained to Joy-Anna, “Now Joy, bankruptcy does not mean going to the bank.”

One snarker writes, “Especially when she announced they’d be learning about bankruptcy law – how that must have sounded to a 6-year-old.. 🙇‍♀️”

Someone else teases, “And hilarious because bankruptcy law is pretty low on the list of things average people need to know much about and non existent on the things children need to know about EXCEPT when you’re raised in a family of grifters, then it’s probably an essential tool of the trade.”

Unfortunately, we don’t know why exactly Michelle chose to teach her kids about bankruptcy law. Most critics on Reddit agree that there is no point in the kids learning about bankruptcy law.

So, do you recall some of the strange things that Michelle Duggar taught her kids over the years on 19 Kids & Counting and Counting On? Do you have any idea why she would be teaching them bankruptcy law? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more Duggar family news.

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