‘Love After Lockup’: Who Is Raydeans’ Wife Kay?

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When Love After Lockup viewers met Raydean Voight this season, she only had eyes for Rick. Yet it was quickly revealed she had a secret she had been hiding from her boyfriend. There was a third party in their romance. Her name was Kay and Raydean was very much invested in this relationship, as well. At the end of last week’s episode, she dropped a bomb about Kay that could change the whole trajectory of her and Rick’s situation. So who exactly is Kay and what is there to know about her?

Rick And Raydean’s Love After Lockup

Much like some of the couples on this season, Rick and Raydean knew each other prior to her incarceration. He was in a bike club with a man she had been dating. Then, she and Rick went out on three dates before she vanished. He did not know where she went but was excited to hear from her once again. Yet he was shocked to discover she was behind bars. Still, they maintained a relationship and decided to see what would happen upon her release. Despite him being around twenty years older than her, he had planned a future for the two of them.


After he went to get her for the forty-eight hours before she was headed to the halfway house, he learned that he was not the only one in her life. As it turned out, Raydean had fallen in love with a young woman named Kay while she was in prison. Her parents knew about Kay but Rick was completely in the dark and felt completely betrayed. He had hoped that spending intimate and quality time with her would make her forget about Kay but it did not happen. Since Kay would be in prison for a handful of years, Rick still held out hope but there was something serious Ray was hiding from everyone.

Raydean’s Big Secret

At the end of the last episode, Raydean called the prison to talk to Kay and referred to her as her “wife.” Producers were shocked so they immediately questioned her. On Ray’s Facebook, it says she is married but it is not to Rick and the person remained unknown. Now it has been confirmed that she is in fact married to Kay. No, she has not told Rick and admitted no one knows about this. She also had no plans of telling him. So, who exactly is Kay. Starcasm did some digging and this is what has been discovered. No marriage paperwork could be found but they could still be married.


There was a small window of time where Kay had been out of prison roughly when Ray claims she got married. She says she has been married since March 2021 and Kay was out around then. Therefore, she could have obtained the marriage license for them. What is Kay’s crime? She was convicted of robbery in 2019 and sentenced to eight years. Prior to that, she had another eight-year robbery conviction from 2012 which she was serving along with the 2019 conviction. As aforementioned, she had been released but was sentenced to 15 years in December 2021 for a felony drug charge.

Currently, Kay is eligible for parole in 2023. If that does not pan out, she will be released in April of 2036. Rick has clearly bailed on the idea of being with Raydean after learning that Ray is married. Do you blame him? Let us know and keep watching Love After Lockup Fridays on WEtv.



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