Kim Kardashian Explains Why She Photoshopped Stormi’s Face

Kim Kardashian | Youtube

Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian have found themselves in quite the pickle lately. After Kim seemingly photoshopped True’s face over Stormi’s there have been several questions. Now, Kim is finally opening up on what actually happened.

Khloe Kardashian gets in trouble

Just a few weeks ago, True Thompson went to Disneyland for the first time for her birthday. Khloe shared the experience on social media and True looks so happy. However, Khloe exposed herself and her sister in a lie by saying it was True’s first time at the theme park.

Before that, Kim had posted photos of her daughter Chicago standing at Disneyland with True. However, fans instantly knew something was fishy. As in, True certainly looked photoshopped in the photos.

Khloe Kardashian | Instagram
Khloe Kardashian | Instagram

“Kim just posted two photos of Chicago and True and people think Kim photoshopped True’s face onto Stormi,” one spectator said at the time.

“Khloe said today is True’s first time at Disneyland… the Disney photoshop conspiracy theory is back. I’m sure they had a good reason for having to cover up Stormi in the photos I just think it’s interesting and funny.”

So, Khloe got called out for Kim’s mistakes. She was quick to admit she had messed that one up.

“Welllppp I f**ked this one up. Anyways….. let’s focus on something else Our show airs in a few days,” Khloe shares on Twitter.

Kim gets involved

After discussing a series of photoshop scandals on her Instagram story that she has been involved in lately, Kim Kardashian is finally telling the truth about the photos. Turns out, she really did photoshop True’s face over Stormi’s all for the sake of her sister – and her Instagram aesthetic.

Kim Kardashian | Instagram
Kim Kardashian | Instagram

“Ok guys I do have a photo shop confession while we are safe here in the circle in the truth…” she starts.

She finishes by totally revealing what happened and why she did it.

Kim Kardashian | Instagram
Kim Kardashian | Instagram

Turns out, she really did put True’s face over Stormi’s for a few different reasons. First, Kylie wasn’t really on board with her daughter being posted on Instagram. However, Kim liked the outfit Chicago was wearing for her Instagram feed. So, after some tweaking, she added True, changed some pants colors, and then was able to post.

While it seems a bit over the top, it appears Kim really had no ill will towards Stormi. She was just trying to be respectful of Kylie Jenner.

Do you think it’s weird that Kim Kardahsian photoshopped over Stormi? Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more on all of your favorite Kardashian family members.

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