Environmentalists FURIOUS With Kim Kardashian, Here's Why [Credit: YouTube]

Environmentalists FURIOUS With Kim Kardashian, Here’s Why

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Kim Kardashian angered environmentalists. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians alum got major backlash for her jet-setting lifestyle. It’s no secret that the rich and famous love to travel via private jet. Kim has increased her carbon footprint all because of her ongoing relationship with Pete Davidson. Ever since the two started dating in October 2021, they’ve been traveling across the country.

It’s likely she wore out her old private plane because she has a new one. Not only has Kim been traveling to New York City, but she’s also traveled to California, Florida, and Washington D.C. in recent months. Environmentalists are upset with Kim for traveling too much.

Is Kim Kardashian traveling too much?

Kim Kardashian has purchased a new private plane. She’s been getting a lot of use out of it lately. However, fans think she’s doing too much traveling. One fan took to Reddit to write: “A Reminder of The Carbon Footprint They Leave Behind.”

They posted a screenshot from the Celebrity Jets Twitter account that reads, “Kim Kardashian’s Jet Took Off from Washington, District of Columbia, US. Going to Camarillo, California, US (KCMA, Camarillo International Airport) arriving in ~4h01m.” Check out the photo for yourself here.

Is Kim Kardashian Increasing Her Carbon Footprint? [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
Other fans took to the thread to call out Kim Kardashian for her frequent flights. They think she should hit the brakes on the non-stop traveling. Fans feel that celebrities like Kim aren’t helping when it comes to combatting climate change. Kim Kardashian joins a long list of celebrities like Meghan Markle, Prince William, and Leonardo DiCaprio, who advocate for climate change but still travel via private jet.

  • “I had been hearing about climate change and caring about it since I was a kid.”
  • “I feel so deflated at how little the people who MATTER care.”
  • “Children are going hungry in the United States (& other parts of the world) and then there’s this, rich a**holes jetting around the country. Eat. The. F***ing. Rich.”
  • “Billionaires should NOT exist.”
  • “And the trip to Orlando Saturday afternoon just to go to Ripleys believe it or not.”

Wasteful travel?

Fans think Kim Kardashian is wasting mileage and gas with these short-term trips. She was just in Orlando a few days ago for her date with Pete to Ripley’s Believe It or Not! The museum is home to the iconic dress that Marilyn Monroe wore while she sang “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” to John F. Kennedy during his 45th birthday celebration in 1962.

Some fans think Kim Kardashian is dropping a thing that she may wear the dress for the upcoming Met Gala. The theme for this year’s annual fashion event is “gilded glamour.” In February 2022, Kim purchased the $150-million private jet, which seats 18 guests.

Kim Kardashian's Private Jet [Credit: Kim Kardashian/Instagram]
[Credit: Kim Kardashian/Instagram]
She named it “Kim Air.” It includes a welcome mat that greets guests as they board the plane. It also features cream-colored vases filled with roses, light-colored seats, and textured nude placemats. This comes after Kim Kardashian and her family has been slammed for being wasteful at their Easter Sunday dinner.

What are your thoughts on Kim Kardashian’s non-stop traveling? Do you think it does more harm than good? What are your thoughts on celebrities owning private jets? Sound off below in the comment section.

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