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Paedon Brown Addresses Shade Meri Threw At Him Recently

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As we previously reported, Meri Brown was accused of talking out of the side of her mouth and throwing some serious shade at Paedon. Meri took to Instagram a few days ago with what fans are now claiming was a dramatic and theatrical post. Meri Brown warned Sister Wives fans to stay away from the children and families that live near her B&B. On Reddit, fans speculate it is highly unlikely anyone is going up to random strangers near the B&B to bug for information on Meri and her family.

It, however, was the very end of her post that had fans thinking she tossed some shade Paedon’s way. While Paedon Brown has made it clear he doesn’t watch Sister Wives, he does appear to follow headlines that reference him and his family. During his Instagram Live, he called attention to the chatter that Meri recently threw some shade his way.

sister wives paedon brown instagram
sister wives paedon brown instagram

Paedon claimed Meri had been accused of throwing shade at him while she went live on Instagram. He explained he was told that she shut down questions saying she couldn’t discuss them because of her contract. The way she carried the conversation left a lot of fans feel like she was taking a dig at Paedon.

Paedon Brown responds to Meri’s rumored shade

Paedon starts by pointing out that, unlike Meri Brown, he’s not under any sort of contract. He is free to say whatever he wants to say. His only limitations are what he won’t talk about out of respect for his mother. Paedon Brown continued to point out that Meri Brown wasn’t throwing shade at him or anyone else. Meri Brown IS under contract. She doesn’t have the freedom to talk about her family the same way Paedon was. He insisted she wasn’t throwing shade, she was just respecting her contract.

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Paedon Brown has admitted Meri is a topic he isn’t allowed to discuss per his mother and father. He, however, made it a point to reveal he didn’t really have a relationship with Meri. The lack of relationship, however, didn’t mean there was some drama or tension between Meri and Paedon. They just weren’t that close. She was respecting her contract. And, it is really that simple.

Do you think Paedon Brown is right? Were fans seeing shade where there really wasn’t any shade? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest Sister Wives news.

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