Kim Plath Puts The Heels Back On, Having Mid-Life Crisis?

Kim Plath, YouTube

Is Welcome to Plathville star Kim Plath having a mid-life crisis? In the new season, which premieres next month, she slips back into her high heels and takes on a new role.

In case you missed it, the Plath family is returning to TLC for the fourth season of their show. While the show is bound to feature some of the drama it always has, it looks like there’s something big ahead for Kim.

From the first few peeks into the new season, it looks like Kim Plath is finding out what she really wants to do and what she finds to be enjoyable. She’s stepping out of her role of being a mom and is finding herself again. After more than 20 years of raising her kids, she’s finally ready to try something new.

Kim Plath, YouTube

Is Kim Plath having a mid-life crisis?

TLC shared a peek at the trailer on their Instagram page on Monday, April 25. In the trailer, you can get a glimpse into Kim’s new life. In one snap, she’s wearing high heels. In another, she’s practicing dancing. The busy mom also gets all glammed up for her dance classes and tries on some unique dancewear. It looks like she is going all out.

Kim has recently opened a dance studio and is now teaching dance lessons. In the new season, fans will likely get a good look at her new career.

It’s unclear if this is truly a mid-life crisis. But her dance studio seems to be a huge part of her life in the upcoming season of the show.

TLC, Kim Plath

This move for Kim Plath has also brought along some changes for her husband, Barry. In the clip, he admits his family has been eating a lot more pizza. And in one scene, he’s pitching in a little more around the house.

In response to the trailer, one fan said, “Even though the mom drives me nuts she needs to focus on something else than smothering her kids . Glad she’s working on herself.”

You can watch the short version here or check out the full-length trailer here.

So, do you think that Kim Plath is having a mid-life crisis? Or do you think she’s simply following the dreams she’s had all along? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more Welcome to Plathville news. You can find the new season details here.

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