Janelle Brown Choosing Children Over Her Husband Was Kody’s Fault

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Janelle Brown was adamant that her kids would always come first before her husband when push came to shove. This showed her mama bear instincts were in full effect, probably more so than ever. Yet she was forced to make this choice during Seasons 15 and 16 of Sister Wives. Fans think Kody was the one who pushed her into having to make this choice, even setting her up for it from the beginning.

Janelle Brown Fights For Her Kids

Though Janelle always loved her six children, she was more of a financial supporter. When the series premiered in 2010, she and third wife Christine worked as a power duo. Janelle was up super early to get ready for work where she would be until late in the evening. As for Christine, she helped to raise their children, play happy homemaker, and ensure dinner was on the table. This worked for both of them since Janelle preferred to be outside of the house and liked being busy with work. Christine was a nurturer and felt all of their kids were hers in a sense. Plus, it was really easy since the wives, their kids, and husband Kody all lived under one roof.


By the end of Season 2, they were escaping Utah for Las Vegas as polygamy was illegal and the fear of Kody getting arrested was extremely prevalent. Each wife had their own home with their own set of rules as Kody continued his rotation. There were times he tended to his new wife Robyn more than the others. This may have been where the wives started to become more mama bear than ever before. With Janelle, it was the birth of her first grandchild that visibly softened her. Then, the pandemic hit two years after they moved to Flagstaff and she went into power mode. She was not about to let Kody or anybody for that matter dictate how she handled her children.

It’s Them Or Kody

Though only three of Janelle Brown’s children lived with her during the pandemic, she was fiercely protective of them. He believed she should evict sons Garrison and Gabe since they were still out in the world, endangering their family. For Janelle, she stood firm that she would always choose her kids over her husband even if it meant rarely coming around. Gabe was a student while Garrison was back from the National Guard and just trying to save money for a home. A Reddit thread has been started about the wives all having their own homes leaving them essentially to be single mothers. Did Kody set Janelle up to choose him or her children in the long run?


‘Kody is so clueless. By having all these wives in different homes, he is basically a part time dad and these moms are raising their kids as single moms. So Of Course these moms are always going to choose their kids, even their grown kids, over their kids’ part time dad. It is silly that he would expect anything else,” one Redditor noted. Another added: ‘These kids are their constant companions for 18+ years, while he basically just showed up twice a week for dinner. So absolutely they’re closer to them than to him, and going to choose them. Even as adult children.”


Essentially, these women have been single mothers for so long, their kids are all that they have. Kody’s inconsistencies in their lives as a whole are all the more reason why they would not put him first. Except for maybe Robyn. Do you agree Kody is to blame for Janelle putting her kids first or is it just maternal instinct? Let us know in the comments.



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