‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers: Carly’s In Danger

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The latest General Hospital spoilers hint at explosive developments throughout Port Charles during the week of April 25. Harmony Miller will consider another drastic move to keep her secrets hidden, and this time, Carly Corinthos is in danger. Michael Corinthos is ready to make a big move regarding Sonny Corinthos and viewers can expect drama at Wyndemere too.

Carly May Regret Her Next Move

As General Hospital viewers saw last week, Harmony made a big mistake in getting drunk as she buckled under the weight of her secrets. She had the file of Dr. Neil Byrne’s from her days working with him as a therapist, and she started to dump it in the fireplace at Alexis Davis’ home. Carly happened to be just outside and a new Twitter sneak peek teases what comes next.

Viewers will soon see Carly at the fireplace, pulling out part of the file Harmony dumped in there. As she looks to see Dr. Byrne’s name on there, General Hospital spoilers reveal Harmony will sneak up behind her. Harmony holds a syringe in her hand behind her back, clearly aiming to inject Carly with something dangerous.

General Hospital Spoilers Tease An Alliance For Carly And Alexis

In general, Alexis and Carly aren’t exactly the best of friends. According to SheKnows Soaps, however, that dynamic will shift during the week of April 25. Carly and Alexis will find themselves in a dangerous situation, and this clearly refers to Harmony and her deep level of desperation. Alexis and Carly will have to rely on one another to get out of this situation safely.

General Hospital spoilers hint that both Carly and Alexis will survive this confrontation with Harmony, but not necessarily without injuries. As the week plays out, both Sam McCall and Josslyn Jacks will rush to General Hospital, which would seem to signal both Alexis and Carly need medical attention. Harmony’s status at this point remains under wraps, but fans know there’s more drama involving her in store.

Michael’s Fed Up With Sonny

Credit: General Hospital YouTube
Credit: General Hospital YouTube

Michael is not supportive of Sonny’s relationship with Nina Reeves, and he’s made that clear. General Hospital spoilers detail Michael will make a firm decision of sorts, but Willow Tait won’t be so sure it’s the right move. As the week plays out, there will be a confrontation involving Sonny and Michael. Ultimately, Michael will tell Sonny he doesn’t want to see him anymore. This isn’t the first time the two have been at odds, but could this be the time that sticks?

General Hospital spoilers also suggest Sasha Gilmore will have a breakdown of sorts. She’s been spiraling downward due to baby Liam’s death, and it appears Olivia Falconeri Quartermaine will do her best to help Sasha. In addition, Esme Prince will continue to play her games with Nikolas Cassadine. Something will prompt an explosion on Nik’s part, and Ava Jerome will apparently find some clarity on something.

It’s shaping up to be an intense, wild week on General Hospital and spoilers signal fans won’t want to miss a minute of the action.

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