Below Deck: What Is Kat Held Doing Now? [Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]

‘Below Deck’ Update: What Is Kat Held Doing Now?

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On Below Deck Seasons 1 and 2, Kat Held was a hit among fans. She was known for her bizarre sense of humor and rebelliousness. As fans know, she enjoyed drinking heavily during the crew outings. She also butted heads with Captain Lee Rosbach since she didn’t like to play by the rules.

Kat infamously hooked up with Chef Ben Robinson, another fan favorite. The show was a lot different then. Some fans appreciate the earlier seasons since they focused more on the crew’s work ethic rather than their partying ways. Some fans want to know what happened to Kat after she appeared in the franchise.

Kat Held was always up to hijinks

She was a memorable stew in the early seasons of Below Deck. She loved being the center of attention, especially from the men. Kat was flirtatious with just about every man on the crew. In Season 1 of Below Deck, she feuded with chief stew Adrienne Gang.

The following season featured the debut of former chief stew Kate Chastain. Surprisingly enough, she got along well with Kat. What’s also interesting is that both Kat and Kate ended up in an on-and-off boatmance with Chef Ben. Kat had a hard time following Captain Lee’s strict rules on the yacht.

Below Deck Season 2: Kat Held [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
She would often sneak off the boat during the crew outings. Sometimes she would drink so much, that she didn’t remember the hijinks she got into the night before. Kat would say in her confessional, “Kat wants to go to the bar.” Because of her unique personality, she became a fan favorite among Below Deck fans.

During Season 2, Kat knew she had to redeem herself. Thankfully, she got along with her crew members this time around. However, that all changed when Kat slept with a man that third stew Amy Johnson was interested in. That caused tension between the two stews.

What happened to the Below Deck star?

Below Deck fans are curious to learn what happened to Kat. After appearing in the first two seasons of the original series, Kat left the yachting industry. She also worked on her sobriety. The former yachtie has tried different careers and is currently living in Rhode Island.

In 2017, Kat enrolled in nursing school as she worked as a waitress. The Below Deck alum eventually moved to Las Vegas, where she works as a bartender. Kat made an appearance on Below Deck’s 100th episode special on Watch What Happens Live. She reunited with her former crew members, including Kate and Eddie Lucas.

Below Deck Kat Held Loved To Party [Credit: Instagram]
[Credit: Instagram]
Kat would rather live her life outside of social media. However, she still mentions her time on Below Deck. In March, she tweeted, “10 years after filming #belowdeck and watching everyone make satchels of money while they step over me as if I’m a puddle.” She also included a cryptic quote with her tweet. It sounds like she’s throwing shade at her former cohorts.

Kat is coming up with her own money-making idea. She hinted about starting a CBD/cannabis company. What are your thoughts on Kat? Do you miss her on the show? Sound off below in the comment section.

Below Deck Season 10 is currently filming.

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