Anna Campisi & Mursel Mistanoglu Welcome 1st Baby Together

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Anna Campisi and Mursel Mustanoglu are parents. The 90 Day Fiance stars welcomed their first child together via surrogate and are beyond elated. This has been a longtime dream of theirs that has finally become reality.

Anna Capisi Finds Her 90 Day Fiance In Mursel Mustanoglu

Viewers first met Anna and Mursel in Season 7 of 90 Day Fiance. She was from Nebraska while he resided in Turkey. The two met via social media and made a love connection. Eventually, Anna went over to Turkey to visit Mursel and he proposed to her. Unfortunately, they had some hurdles to overcome. Despite both being in their latter thirties, she had three children but this was something his family would snub their noses at. The fact that she was unmarried when she had kids was not proper in their eyes so Anna told Mursel she could not marry him if her kids remained a secret. He actually returned home to Turkey per his family yet came back to be with Anna before his 90 days were up.

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The two got married and began starting businesses together. They took their love of beekeeping to produce products but Mursel also started to make furniture. The couple went on to start Beauty & the Bees Honey, which launched in 2019. On the site, they carry honey, lip balms, jewelry, tea, and more. Yet Anna and Mursel knew there was one more addition they needed in their lives. The two desperately wanted a baby of their own. Luckily, they were able to find a surrogate and announced they were expecting in January 2022. Their baby boy was not due until May but he has seemingly made an early arrival.

A Completed Family

According to their website, they are currently experiencing changed hours due to a family emergency. This makes sense as Anna Campisi is a new mom a tad sooner than expected. Her baby with Mursel was due to arrive in May but he has chosen to come on April 11th at 5.3 pounds, 18 inches. He was officially five weeks early and was given the moniker Gokhan John, she shared on Instagram. They actually had to travel through Poland to Ukraine for their baby. Based on Mursel’s visa, if he came with Anna, he would not be able to leave so she went alone. Thankfully, this was all coordinated by a group called Project Dynamo who escorted Anna the entire way.

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During Anna’s journey to get her baby, where she was lucky enough to meet her surrogate, Mursel was hospitalized. He had chest pains but thankfully, he is doing just fine. They went through such a journey to get to their little boy but it was well worth it. Now they can finally enjoy being the complete family they so desperately have wanted along with her other kids. Congratulations to the new parents and what a harrowing story.

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