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Why Kody Brown Says He’s An ‘Enigma’ & ‘Drama Queen’

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An older clip of an interview with Kody Brown resurfaced on Reddit recently. The clip featured the TLC father of 18 being asked if he felt the series accurately portrayed who he was as a person. Speaking candidly, Kody Brown admits he did not feel that fans got to see an accurate picture of who he really was. Turns out, he considers himself to be far more of a drama queen than what fans see on the show. Kody explained that production required him to reign in his chaos a bit.

kody brown sister wives youtube
kody brown sister wives youtube

Kody Brown says he’s an enigma

The Sister Wives star explains that people just don’t understand him. He believes he’s a bit of an enigma in society. At the time this video was filmed, Christine had not left him yet. Kody Brown also declared himself to be a bit of a party boy with his four beautiful women surrounding him.

Sister Wives fans disgusted

Fans of Sister Wives fans admit they have a hard time believing production would have him dial back his drama as drama is what sells the show. On Reddit, fans admit they were disgusted by how wise and witty Kody Brown believed himself to be. Here’s some of what fans had to say:

“No Kody, you’re not an enigma (and please download a dictionary to your phone and use it before you use words you don’t understand). We do ‘get’ you. You’re a perpetual, spoiled little man-child who just wants what he wants when he wants it,” one fan penned.

Sister Wives - Kody Brown - Youtube
Sister Wives – Kody Brown – Youtube

A second fan chimed in: “Party boy with 4 show girls….so he’s admitting he has 4 wives just to impress people with how many wives he has. The wives were for show until Sobyn came along.”

For the most part, fans thought it was gross that he considered himself to be a party boy. They also questioned if he had any idea what the word “enigma” really meant. Overall, there was no love for Kody Brown in response to this particular interview.

Do you think fans only see a fraction of the drama and chaos that Kody Brown brings to the table? Did production really ask him to reign in his drama? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Sister Wives.

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