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‘The Little Couple’: Jen Arnold & Bill Klein Split, Separate The Kids

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Jen Arnold and Bill Klein of The Little Couple split and separated the kids for a little one-on-one time this past week. As those who follow Jen Arnold know, the family is currently enjoying spring break. Jen’s posts revealed she and Zoey had been spending a lot of time hanging out together. Naturally, the spring date updates had fans wondering. Where are Bill Klein and Will? Jen Arnold eventually answered fans’ questions with a few Instagram Stories updates.

The Little couple jen Arnold youtube
The Little couple jen Arnold youtube

The Little Couple: Jen Arnold, Bill Klein Split & Separate The Kids

Turns out, Jen Arnold and Bill Klein decided to split and separate the kids for a bit of one-on-one time over spring break. As we mentioned previously, it was clear Zoey was hanging out with her mother pretty early on. Turns out, Will got to do something extra fun with his father. His special trip was for a little more than just spring break.

Jen Arnold shared a few photos on her Instagram Stories noting that Will and Bill were doing their own thing while she and Zoey were getting pampered. Bill Klein took Will to Universal Studios as a belated birthday present. Will had a massive smile on his face as he appeared to be holding a skull wand in the photo Jen shared of him.

Zoey & Will Klein Instagram

The Family Came Together Later On

Now, Jen Arnold and Bill Klein did not split and keep the kids separate the whole time. Jen Arnold shared several photos of the family coming together and enjoying some time on the beach. Everyone was all smiles as they soaked up some sun together.

The Little Couple fans reacted to all of the fun updates on social media as of late. Fans noted it was unusual for Jen to be so active on social media. But, they were here for it as they suspected their show would never return to television. Here’s some of what fans had to say in the comments across the several updates.

“Love this picture! Glad they’re having a wonderful time!” One fan gushed in a photo of Will and his friends hanging on the beach.

Another chimed in on a photo of Zoey and her grandmother: “Nai Nai is such a lovely grandma. The kids love her! How lucky you all are to have each other. God bless you all!”

The Little Couple Will and Zoey Klein ' Instagram

“They have grown up beautifully,” a third fan noted in a photo of Will and Zoey.

Do you think it is sweet Bill Klein and Jen Arnold split for a little one-on-one time with their kids before coming together for some family fun? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. The children have really grown up. Miss the children as well as Jen and Will. Hope TLC reconsiders and brings back the show. It would be so nice to see their new house completely renovated and to see the new environment in St Peterburg, Florida.

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