Teen Mom 2 Ratings Plummet: MTV Viewers Over It? [Credit: YouTube]

‘Teen Mom 2’ Ratings Plummet: MTV Viewers Over It?

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The ratings for Teen Mom 2 continue to plummet. It finished out the recent season with under 500,000 viewers. The reality series used to be one of the hottest shows on MTV. That’s no longer the case anymore.

It’s possible that the network’s viewers are over it. Most of them can catch up with the current drama on social media. Fans also agree that Season 11 of the series was the weakest one yet. The Tuesday, March 8 premiere only amassed 495,000 viewers.

That’s not good news for the Teen Mom franchise and the cable network that’s already struggling to keep viewers around.

Teen Mom 2 Season 11 hits a new low

Per a new report via Starcasm, Teen Mom 2 Season 11 has reached a new low. It had a hard time getting fans back to the show since the beginning. After seven episodes, ratings continue to plummet. The past seven episodes have an average of 407,000 viewers. This week’s episode only amassed 355,000 viewers.

It’s possible that MTV fans are over the show. They’re tired of the same drama that takes place among the cast members. They would like to see more growth than fights. Despite the low ratings, it’s still in the Top 20 original cable shows for the night with viewers aged 18-49, which is the key demographic for the cable network.

Teen Mom 2 Season 11 Trailer [Credit: MTV/YouTube]
[Credit: MTV/YouTube]
The Teen Mom 2 Season 2 premiere had 4.15 million viewers. The show will no longer attract those numbers again. The franchise has quickly lost fans over the years. Keep in mind that the reported ratings represent the viewers who watch the show air during its timeslot. It doesn’t include those who watch the episodes later On-Demand, or via streaming.

The Teen Mom shows have achieved more success with streaming and delayed viewing these days. But there are no reports on those numbers. They haven’t been revealed in recent years. Teen Mom 2 could get canned if it continues to slip under 400,000 viewers. Also, this cast doesn’t possess a large budget like Teen Mom OG, but it still costs more to make than Young and Pregnant.

Are fans over the MTV show?

The departures of Chelsea DeBoer and Janelle Evans haven’t helped the show either. Viewers don’t connect as much to the current cast of Teen Mom 2 Season 11. Even though fans aren’t tuning into the show, they still talk about the fans on social media. Thanks to new outlets like TikTok, they can still keep up with the off-screen and on-screen drama.

It’s any wonder if the franchise could be saved at this point. The new Teen Mom: Family Reunion spinoff series didn’t attract the ratings that MTV was hoping to get either. They may have to give up on the franchise, as fans already did. Or, they will have to do a major cast shakeup.

According to the Ashley’s Reality Roundup report from last month, “the Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 worlds are about to collide in a last ‘Hail Mary!’ attempt to save the sinking franchise. MTV may merge the two poor-performing shows into one series. They have no plan to include cast members from Young and Pregnant, which is filming a new season.

Have you watched Teen Mom 2 Season 11? What are your thoughts on the new season? Do you think fans are over the show? Sound off below in the comment section.

Teen Mom 2 Season 11 airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on MTV.

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