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‘Sister Wives’ Update: Kody & Garrison Brown Drama, Better Or Worse?

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As many of his children enter adulthood, some of Kody Brown’s children realize they just don’t really care for their father. During Season 16 of Sister Wives, fans got a front-row seat to the drama and chaos between Kody Brown and his son Garrison.

Paedon Brown has dropped a few nuggets of information on TikTok to confirm things really aren’t any better with his brother and father. Paedon, however, has added a few different times that his own relationship with his father is alright. He, however, doesn’t go into much detail about the relationship. Moreover, he notes he really doesn’t spend much time in Flagstaff.

What do fans know about Kody Brown and Garrison’s drama? Keep reading for the details.

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Kody Brown and Garrison drama: All the details

Garrison Brown is one of Kody’s children that opted to make a career out of going into the military. Likewise, the young man also wanted to escape his large family for a while. Now, Garrison Brown aspired to be in the Army. He, however, ended up joining the Nevada National Guard to appease his father who insisted he needed to go to school first.

Those who follow Garrison on Instagram know he’s also a very creative young man. He dabbles in photography. As we previously reported, Garrison recently nearly lost his camera in waist-deep water while snapping some gorgeous photos! During Season 16 of Sister Wives, fans enjoyed seeing a very outspoken side of Garrison as he fought his father on his COVID-19 rules and took major issue with his parenting skills.

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Things really got nasty between Garrison and Kody Brown in 2021. This was when Gabe and Garrison refused to obey their father’s COVID rules. Instead of working things out, Kody Brown lashed out at his son and punished some of his other family members. This included Janelle and Savanah who Kody refused to see once he realized how social his sons were. The drama reached a point where Kody ordered Janelle to throw the boys out of her home. Janelle, however, stood her ground and picked her sons over her husband. This resulted in Kody Brown blaming the boys for ruining his relationship with both Janelle and Savanah.

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Have things gotten any better?

During the Tell-All, Kody Brown revealed things had not improved between him and Garrison. In fact, he stated they would need some family therapy to work out their issues. It is unclear if the therapy ever happened. But, Paedon Brown has implied a few times that things aren’t really better between his father and brother.

What do you think about the drama between Garrison and Kody Brown? Do you think they’ll ever work things out? Let us know in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives.


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