‘Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown Played Fans Like A Fiddle?

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Sister Wives star Robyn Brown is being called out on Reddit for playing fans like a fiddle after an old clip from the series resurfaced. What did Robyn say exactly? Why do fans feel like they’ve been played? Keep reading for the details.

Robyn Brown plays Sister Wives fans like a fiddle

In this old Sister Wives clip from Reddit, Robyn Brown admits that she can’t imagine living in a household with the constant presence of a husband. Robyn enlighted fans to the reason so many women embrace polygamy is because they are independent and they enjoy being alone. Early on, Robyn claimed she really wanted to have sister wives she could lean on. And, she wanted a husband that wasn’t always right in her face.

As years went by, it appears as if Robyn Brown was playing fans like a fiddle from the beginning. Was everything she said a lie?

Kody Brown Kisses Robyn Brown [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]

She used to have a husband she didn’t share

Kody Brown wasn’t Robyn’s first husband. She was previously married for a decade. She had three children with her previous husband. Fans wonder if Robyn Brown was just going to pretend like her previous marriage didn’t happen. Or, did her first husband just not spend that much time at home alone with her?

Sister Wives fans feel bad for her children. There was a disgusting clip that surfaced on Reddit a while back of Robyn becoming emotional as she discussed being intimate with her previous husband being a mistake. She said she wished she could take it back so Kody was the first and only person she’d ever been with. Fans were horrified because Robyn’s children from her first marriage were in the room. Was she also saying they were a mistake?


Robyn Brown still insists she doesn’t want monogamy

During Sister Wives Season 16, Robyn Brown told her sister wives she had no desire the only wife of a man. In fact, she admits she had way better options than Kody if she wanted to go that route. But, she wanted the sister wives as much as she wanted the husband. Fans admit they found the whole conversation to be a bit baffling as Robyn appears to make a huge effort to keep Kody from the rest of his wives. Likewise, Robyn doesn’t seem to be friendly with the other wives. She, however, argues the opposite. She claims the wives were never that welcoming of her.

Credit: YouTube

Did Robyn Brown play fans like a fiddle? Let us know what you think in the comments down below.

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