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‘LPBW’ Fans Call Jeremy & Audrey Roloff ‘Unorganized Slobs’?

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Audrey Roloff has been making a habit of reminding her followers she has three children under four. The former TLC personality has been conveniently shouldering the blame for her own chaos on her children. Prior to going on this vacation, Audrey revealed she’d waited till the last minute to get packing done. She also sought the advice of her followers noting she had no idea how traveling with three children under four would go for her. Furthermore, Audrey caught a bit of hate for celebrating not having to wear masks on the airplane just before her trip because of mandate changes.

Audrey Roloff vacation Instagram

While on the trip, Jeremy Roloff’s wife felt the need to remind her followers again that she had three children under the age of four. She did this before revealing the chaos that was her messy and unorganized hotel room. Trying to connect with her followers, she questioned if anyone else could relate to having this messy and chaotic hotel room while traveling with children.

As we previously reported, her attempt to connect was shut down by her followers.

Fans shut Audrey Roloff down, absolutely not?

More than 50 percent of her followers voted that they would NOT be staying in a hotel room that was that messy. On Reddit, fans were floored that she and Jeremy were just alright with staying in a hotel room like that.

“With all their money why didn’t they just get a suite and pay the difference?? I could of never done 1 room when my kids were little, this setup would be a nightmare not a vacation!! Especially with 5 people!?” One fan exclaimed on Reddit. 

Another chimed in: “That room is giving me anxiety all the way in Connecticut. It looks like Jeremy’s room growing up. They just seem like unorganized slobs.”

Audrey Roloff Messy Hotel - Instgram

“I just wonder why they didn’t get 2 queen sized beds, or they weren’t really supposed to take the kids cause the retreat only booked a room for a couple. Even if you are messy, it would be so chaotic trying to get anything done with all the mess in such a small space especially with kids. But I’m type A,” a third follower added.

Did the couple break the rules?

Turns out, LPBW fans did some digging into the policies of the company. The company is considered to be a family company. So, they do not bar their sales reps from bringing children on the vacation. The company, however, does not pay expenses for children. So, Jeremy and Audrey Roloff would have still had to foot the bill for their children on this trip.

Audrey Roloff - Jeremy Roloff - Ember and Bode Instagram
Audrey Roloff – Jeremy Roloff – Ember and Bode Instagram

Do you think Audrey and Jeremy Roloff should stop blaming their children for their messes and chaos? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on this family.

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