Kody Brown Once Warned Fans Crazy Was Coming

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Sister Wives fans have long questioned Kody Brown’s sanity. He has had his erratic moments where he has just gone over the top and it has been a tad too much. Apparently, thanks to some editing, there’s a lot more to the father of eighteen than viewers actually got to see.

Kody Brown’s Flair For The Dramatic

When Kody wants something done, he wants it done then and now and everyone better listen. This should have been quite obvious when Sister Wives first premiered in 2010. He was a man with three wives, twelve children, and was courting a fourth wife while his third wife was expecting. The one thing about Kody is that he adores fancy cars and parading around the lifestyle that he leads. Unfortunately, many people have begun to feel that it is just for show. He is less of a polygamist and more into his fourth wife Robyn. This became even more apparent when the pandemic of 2020 hit. Kody came up with these excessive pandemic protocols which divided the family and it appeared he went cold to what his wives needed as a whole.


At one point early in the series, Kody admitted that he was far more dramatic than the show portrayed him. Furthermore, he noted that he was a little bit of a party boy with his four wives. He also declared he was an enigma to society. This just appears to be ways he wants to be viewed as opposed to the way viewers have come to see him. In another clip, Kody explicitly said “crazy’s coming.” This is a warning that could mean just about anything as he has shown so many sides. What exactly does this mean and how do viewers and the Brown family prepare?

Crazy’s Coming, Who’s Joining?

Twelve years after Sister Wives premiered, Kody has eighteen children, he is back to three wives, and has three grandkids. He is in his early fifties yet is the crazy still coming? A Reddit thread has been started over this image and idea with Redditors having many thoughts. “Crazy done came, went, and is circling back for a second time,” one commented. Another added: “It’s just gotten to the point where he is the least interesting person on this show. Yawn.” Could it be his antics have become so predictable that he just needs to keep viewers guessing what crazy he will unleash next?


Finally, one Redditor had this to say: “I don’t understand how this dude got 1 wife let alone 4!! And attracting a TV show that’s run this long is even more baffling.” Do you think Kody still has more crazy or is this part of his drama queen personality he says viewers have not gotten to see? Maybe this is all just a persona and he is having fun with the cameras. The world may never know.

Who do you think the real Kody Brown is? Let us know in the comments.


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