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Joy-Anna Forsyth Spills Truth On Son’s Nostrils?

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Former TLC’s Counting On star Joy-Anna Forsyth is spilling all of the details on her son, Gideon’s nostrils. Why have people been talking about his nostrils, and what does Joy-Anna have to say?

Many Duggar fans have noticed that Joy-Anna and Austin’s two kids look just like him. Their daughter Evelyn (2 in August) and son Gideon (4), both share many of their father’s features. And fans think they have since they were first born. As the kids have grown, their appearances have changed slightly, but they still look a lot like Austin.

Fans often notice that Gideon’s nostrils look a lot like Austin’s. They’re always saying that Gideon and Austin are “twins.” Others tease that the Forsyth genes are much stronger than the Duggar ones.

Fans don’t see Joy-Anna Forsyth’s nose in Gideon at all.

Now, a resurfaced clip suggests that Joy-Anna also knows the truth about her son’s nostrils. Scroll down to see what Joy-Anna said years ago.

Joy-Anna Forsyth, Instagram

Joy-Anna Forsyth gets honest about Gideon’s nostrils early on.

In a recently resurfaced clip of Joy-Anna Forsyth, the mom talks about her son’s nostrils. The clip is from an episode of TLC’s Counting On when she gave birth to her baby boy. A Duggar Snarker on Reddit reposted this scene, pointing out that Joy-Anna was groggy from her son’s birth.

She had a very intense labor that ultimately led to a C-section.

Despite the way she was probably feeling, she said, “He’s got Austin’s nostrils,” while looking at her newborn son. At this point, he was just hours old and already looked just like his father in this way.

r/DuggarsSnark - Medicated, dehydrated Joy, after many hours of labor and a major operation spoke her truth. Joy-Anna Forsyth

Though this subreddit is mostly full of Duggar critics, Joy-Anna is getting some love for this response. One snarker writes, “Gotta love her honesty!”

Others are talking about how this is “super funny.”

Someone else adds, “This is tooooo funny. She does not look happy about it either.”

Another snarker has sympathy for Gideon and Evelyn, though, writing, “Both those kids have Austin’s nostrils, and Austin’s nostrils are so big they could be a portkey in the Harry Potter world.”

So, it looks like Austin and Joy-Anna Forsyth are fully aware of their son’s nostrils and how much he looks like his father. They’ve known since he was very young.

So, do you remember seeing this moment on TLC’s Counting On? Do you agree that Gideon has his dad, Austin’s nostrils? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about Joy-Anna Forsyth and her family.

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