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Christine Brown Says Her Secret Ingredient Is ‘Spit’?

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An old clip of Christine Brown sitting down with Robyn while she talks about her cooking and baking skills has resurfaced. In the brief clip, Christine is asked what the secret ingredient in her cookies is. Christine is pretty quick to respond. But, her answer was a bit shocking. She claims that she tells her children the secret ingredient of her food is always the same. Spit.

Christine and Truely Brown via YouTube

Robyn Brown responds to Christine’s secret ingredient

Christine Brown was pretty confident in admitting the secret ingredient to her cooking is a loving amount of salvia. Robyn laughed nervously, but it was clear the conversation turned her stomach. Robyn Brown added to the conversation by admitting she would NOT be eating at Christine’s house. Christine chuckled at Robyn’s response. On Reddit, fans who took a second look at this clip admitted they were dying. Some noted they laughed so hard they shed tears at how seriously Christine said spit was her secret ingredient.

Fans also pointed out that the way Christine Brown laughed at Robyn saying she wouldn’t eat her food felt like a little more than just a laugh. Fans noted there was some sass behind the laugh. And, they suspected Christine had some beef with Robyn Brown since day one.

She now has her own cooking show

After splitting with Kody Brown, it wasn’t long before TLC offered Christine her own show. They were sure to capitalize on it being JUST Christine in the name of the show. Presently, the show is only available online. But, many fans suspect TLC was just testing the waters to see if fans were open to something only featuring Christine before they opened it up to being something they aired on television.

Photo Credit: TLC

As we previously reported, Meri Brown was crucified after throwing some shade at Christine for her cooking show. It was during one of Meri’s Friday live streams that she tossed a bit of shade at Christine. It was NOT well-received by fans and Meri was accused of being jealous. While Meri Brown never spoke of it again, she did turn the comments off on her Instagram profile for a period of time after it happened.

Sister Wives fans doubled down on calling Meri out after that as they thought it was shameful to throw shade and then hide from the backlash of what she said.

Do you remember this old video of Christine and Robyn? Let us know your thoughts on her secret ingredient in the comments down below.

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