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Audrey Roloff Exploits Jeremy’s Privacy, Accident Or On Purpose?

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LPBW fans believe Audrey Roloff may have finally gone too far with invading her husband’s privacy. A few days ago, she took to her Instagram Stories just before one in the morning. She revealed she was STILL trying to get everything packed for their Hawaii vacation. It was what fans spotted in the background of their video that really caught their attention.

Audrey Roloff - Jeremy Roloff - Ember and Bode Instagram
Audrey Roloff – Jeremy Roloff – Ember and Bode Instagram

Audrey Roloff accidentally shares fully naked husband

At first, fans just saw Jeremy Roloff sprawled across his bed messing around with his phone. He was shirtless. Fans shrugged this off as it was late and he probably didn’t expect his wife to be recording a video for social media. Upon closer inspection, fans realized Jeremy Roloff’s bare butt cheek was also visible in the video. Turns out, Jeremy Roloff was stark naked. His shirtless torso draped across the bed and his exposed manhood pressed against the side of the bed. Read on to see the actual video.

A woman and a man in a car
Audrey and Jeremy Roloff/Credit: TLC YouTube

Fans caught a glimpse of his bare butt cheek presumably before his wife realized her husband was naked in the background. Just as fast as it was made clear that he was fully nude in the background, Audrey quickly shifted her entire body to a different position. Fans assumed this was so he was no longer visible behind her.

Invasion of privacy or passive aggression?

On Reddit, there was an interesting discussion about this video. For starters, many fans jested they needed to wash their eyes with soap as they never wanted to see Jeremy Roloff in his birthday suit. Beyond that, fans debated if this was an invasion of his privacy or if Audrey Roloff knew what she was doing. Was she just really thirsty for her husband? Was she trying to show him off? Or, was she passive-aggressively attacking him?

Audrey Roloff - jeremy naked

One LPBW fan noted it felt like Audrey Roloff was trying to call attention to the fact that her husband was draped over the bed fiddling with his phone while she was left to do all the packing. Her attempt at being passive-aggressive, however, backfired when she realized her husband was fully naked. Fortunately for everyone, he had his manhood pressed against the bed. So, fans didn’t get a full view of all his goods. See the video below.

Do you think Audrey Roloff realized her husband was naked in the background? Was this an invasion of his privacy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more.

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