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Victoria Fuller Heading To ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ 2022?

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Victoria Fuller is looking to find the person she is meant to be with. She isn’t playing games anymore and knows what she wants. She recently spoke with Joe Amabile, Tia Booth, and Natasha Parker. Vicotria revealed if she’s currently dating and her thoughts on joining the 2022 season of Bachelor in Paradise. 

Is Victoria Fuller heading to BIP?

Bachelor Nation shared all about what Victoria Fuller had to say about her current dating life and also if she’s interested in heading to the beach.

Victoria revealed she is definitely interested in going on Bachelor In Paradise. She noted that the process goes quick so that scares her a little bit but she’s open and willing to give it a try.

She said, “Yeah, I am open to going to ‘Paradise.’ I don’t see why not. I think ‘Paradise’ is a great place to meet somebody. It does move fast, and that part scares me a little bit. I usually like to take my time with things. But I’m open to that. I hope that someone would want to pursue me and put all of their energy into our relationship if they liked me.”

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But, is Victoria currently dating anyone? She said she has a “roster” of guys she’s casually seeing. Nobody has stood out to her as being extraordinary though. She said she wants to be wowed and so far that isn’t really happening. Victoria also noted that none of the men she’s been casually dating are in Nashville. She said she travels a lot so it works out fine.

Victoria insisted though that to win her heart the man must wow her and show he’s really into her. In fact, she pointed out her last relationship with a man she dated was pretty ordinary and didn’t put much into wowing her. She noted she wasn’t trying to throw him under the bus, it just wasn’t something that blew her away.

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Victoria’s advice to anyone trying to date her

Victoria isn’t looking to play games. She said she’s 28 and wants a family someday. She doesn’t have time to just mess around. Victoria said, “I’m not someone who is just going to hang around. If I did go and there was somebody, I’d be into it, and if not I’d check myself out. I’m not going there just to get Instagram followers. I’m too old for that sh*t and I just really want to meet somebody.”

She also had some advice for anyone on the beach wishing to catch her eye. Victoria said, “Make it known that you like me. I don’t play games. It doesn’t work with me. Just show me that you like me and by doing so, pursue me.”

There’s also not anyone, in particular, she would hope to see on the beach. However, she did say there have been some men from past seasons she thought were “super cute” and “really nice.”

So, is this a hint that fans will be seeing Victoria on the Mexico beach this summer? Stay tuned for more updates.


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