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Todd Chrisley Would Sleep With A Man, For A Price?

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Rumors Todd Chrisley played for the other team and wasn’t that interested in women is something that has swirled for years. Many believe Todd is far too flamboyant to be a straight man. There are a lot of people who find it baffling that Todd Chrisley has married two different women and fathered so many beautiful children. Some speculate the reality TV star is actually just hiding in the closet.

Wendy Williams has been in the headlines a lot lately and it turns out Todd actually addressed rumors of his sexuality during an interview on her show a few years ago. The talk show host kicked off the conversation by noting she’s spoken with Todd before and she knows the answer to the question. There, however, is no denying that Chrisley Knows Best attracts new fans all of the time. Todd admits he’s grateful for it. With the new fans, however, comes a lot of questions regarding his sexuality. During the interview, Todd jokes that he’ll happily accept the title of reality TV king or queen as long as it comes with a paycheck.

Todd Chrisley - YouTube
Todd Chrisley – YouTube

Todd Chrisley says he’d sleep with a man, for a price

During the conversation with Wendy Williams, Todd Chrisley admits that if he ever decided to go down the path of being with a man, there would definitely be a hefty paycheck attached to it. Wendy Williams is a bit shaken by his admittance. For clarification purposes, she asks if he really means he would come out of the closet and sleep with a man for money?

Todd Chrisley was quick to clarify he couldn’t actually come out of the closet because he wasn’t in the closet. He, however, wanted it to be known that if he ever slept with a man there would be a whole lot of dollar signs involved first. Making his point even more clear, he added that his grandchildren would not have to work a day in their life if he ever decided to become intimate with a man.

Todd Chrisley - YouTube
Chrisley Knows Best – YouTube

In the comments of the interview on YouTube, many fans admit they absolutely adored Todd Chrisley. They loved how honest and real he was with everything he said. Given how much he loves his family and his beautiful wife, fans don’t expect him to walk down this path any time soon.

Check out the full interview where Todd gets real about whether he’d sleep with a man down below:

What do you think of the constant rumors that Todd Chrisley plays for the other team? Do you think he would really sleep with a man for the right amount of money? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Chrisley Knows Best.

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