‘Survivor’ 42: A Fan-Favorite Cast Member Has A Controversial Past

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Nick Davis

While Survivor is 100% a real show, it is television at the end of the day. They’re telling a story, and stories need heroes and villains. People push and pull against each other to make the victory feel that much sweeter for whoever earns it. This can mean editing out certain players’ less-approachable moments to make them seem more pure and heroic, or it can mean editing out certain players’ nicer scenes to cement them in a villainous role for the viewer.

Jonathan Young is clearly one of the heroes of Survivor 42 to public perception. He regularly gets comparisons to Thor for his large physique and monumental efforts in the challenges. In conversations, he also tends to come across as someone with a level head and a lot of wisdom. Not everything is as it seems, though. As Season 42 is going on, a certain piece of Jonathan’s past is forcing many fans to reevaluate how they perceive him. Is Jonathan a hero? Or does he have more darkness beneath the surface?

Bodyguard For The Wrong Man

survivor 42 episode 8 challenge
The challenge from the most recent episode of ‘Survivor’ Season 42

What’s come to light about Jonathan’s past is a job he held before coming on Survivor. It notes in Jonathan’s Instagram bio that he’s a bodyguard. He’s never been afraid to hide that fact. He’s also never been afraid of who it is he’s been a bodyguard for. In fact, in Jonathan’s Survivor audition tape he seems fairly proud to have been a bodyguard for Roy Moore. For anyone who isn’t aware, Roy Moore is a heinous figure in the American political sphere. His numerous sexual assault misconduct and pedophilia allegations resulted in him losing a Senate election in 2018. An election Moore was, by all means, slated to win based on Alabama’s voting demographics.

This new information has led to many fans reconsidering their opinions of Jonathan. While some believe that this information shouldn’t affect judgments about him in any way.

Jonathan & Survivor 42

jonathan young survivor 42
Jonathan Young

At the end of the day, Jonathan isn’t Roy Moore. He didn’t do any of the terrible things Roy Moore is accused of, and thus shouldn’t be held accountable for another man’s actions. It is a red flag, however, to be proud of any association with a man like that. But maybe that’s misinterpreting Jonathan’s audition tape. It’s possible that he’s simply proud of having been a bodyguard for anyone significant at all. It may even be that he just likes how gruff he looks in the photos. It’s always best to give someone the benefit of the doubt. And, thus far, Jonathan hasn’t given fans any other reasons to think poorly of him.

What do you think?

New episodes of Survivor Season 42 are airing every Wednesday.


  1. Well he doesn’t really seem like a well rounded educated person. So in essence it makes sense he would align with low life.

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