WWE Network: Schedule Update for April 18-24


The WWE Network schedule just dropped on NBC Peacock with Wrestlemania now in the rearview mirror. Table for 3 returns with the Angle Academy, as well as retro WWE Superstar episodes. The newest episodes of WWE NXT and NXT UK will be available in the on-demand section of NBC Peacock. The WWE Universe can check out the action from Monday Night Raw and WWE Friday Night Smackdown. Following WWE Smackdown, NXT Level-Up will stream on the network to highlight the hottest stars from NXT 2.0.

WWE Network Weekday Update:

Monday, April 18
Raw Talk– 11:05 p.m. EST
Minutes after watching the WWE Raw after Wrestlemania, the WWE Universe can switch to the WWE Network for the post-game show. Raw Talk features a host panel and a list of guests who will look back what took place during that night’s show.

WWE Superstars:
The WWE Network releases 10 retro episodes of WWE Superstars from 1994. The old school action is avalible in the on-demand section.

Tuesday, April 19
No New Content

NXT Action:

Wednesday, April 20
Monday Night Raw (3/21/22)
For those who missed out on the March 21 edition of Monday Night Raw, the WWE Universe can catch back up on the action in the on-demand section. Watch the action as the superstars of the red brand head into 2022 on the WWE Network via NBC Peacock.

WWE’s The Bump– 10 a.m. EST
The hosts of the WWE’s weekly talk show The Bump discuss the current events of the WWE. The Bump includes superstars and a panel of other guests who give their thoughts on what is going in the WWE Universe.

WWE NXT (4/21/22)
WWE NXT 2.0 is back with Bron Breakker on the hunt for Joey Gacy.

Thursday, April 21
The superstars of NXT UK deliver their newest episode from the United Kingdom on the WWE Network.

This Week in WWE-
For those who weren’t able to check out all the WWE action, This Week in WWE will fill in all the blanks. The WWE’s weekly wrap-up show brings every up to speed so you’ll never miss out on the action.

Friday, April 22
Table for 3: Angle Academy
Join WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle for a roundtable discussion with Chad Gable and Otis.

NXT Level-Up– 10 p.m. EST
NXT Level-Up highlights the future generation of stars in the WWE and NXT. Following WWE Smackdown, Level-Up will be broadcast via NBC Peacock.

WWE Network: Weekend Update

Saturday, April 23
WWE Main Event (4/4/22)-
The WWE roster is full of some of the best wrestlers in the world. With such a loaded roster, not everyone can be seen on Raw and Smackdown. On WWE Main Event, hidden gems are sure to be highlighted.

Talking Smack-
The superstars of WWE Smackdown have more to get off their chest following the big show. Less than 24 hours after Friday Night Smackdown, the post-game on Talking Smack will be on the WWE Network.

Independent Drop-
For those looking outside the WWE Universe, the WWE Network has you covered. ICW Fight Club 216 and PROGRESS Who Runs The World will be available in the on-demand section of NBC Peacock.

Sunday, April 24
Friday Night SmackDown (3/25/22)-
The superstars of the blue brand on Friday Night Smackdown move down the Road to Wrestlemania. The action will be avlaible in the on-demand section of the WWE Network.

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