What Did Michelle Duggar Say To Bring Jinger To Tears?

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Michelle Duggar once shared a meaningful message to her daughter, Jinger Vuolo. The words that Michelle spoke brought her daughter to tears. So, what did the mother say that left her daughter crying?

In a newly resurfaced clip from one of Jinger’s birthday parties, Michelle and Jim Bob are present. This birthday party was in Los Angeles, California, and Jeremy Vuolo planned it as a surprise for his wife.

At the event, the mother of 19 takes a moment to speak about her daughter.

Michelle says, “We were just wiping makeup and tears off of Daddy’s coat, and as I was doing it, I said, ‘Daddy, I remember all the little runny noses and slobbers and all those things that, you know – we called it baby cologne.”

This line made Jinger chuckle. Then, Michelle Duggar continued, “The spit-up and all those wonderful things, and I look now, and I see this godly woman. Daddy and I are so thankful for you, Jinge. You are a joy.”

By the end of the speech, Jinger is wiping away tears.

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You can check out the clip here.

Counting On fans react to Michelle Duggar’s speech for Jinger Vuolo.

On Reddit, Duggar Snarkers are talking about the clip and how Michelle brought Jinger to tears. Some of them are criticizing Michelle for not having very specific things to say about her daughter. They felt that the things she said were vague and could have applied to any of her children.

They also think that Michelle didn’t say anything particularly nice about Jinger. For instance, fans argue that wiping away snot and drool isn’t especially kind to bring up at your adult daughter’s birthday party.

All those words but the only nice things actually said about Jinger were that she is a "woman of God" and "a joy."
by u/nuggetsofchicken in DuggarsSnark

However, some typically Duggar critics did have nice things to say about this speech. One noted, “Look I know it’s not much but I feel like this is the most emotion I’ve seen Michelle give one of her kids. Jinger is definitely one of, if not her favorite.”

Someone else points out, “The thing I find the saddest in this video is Jinger crying because her mother called her a woman of God and a joy. How little verbal acknowledgment was given when she was a child that these very basic statements bring forth tears?”

So, what do you think of the speech that Michelle Duggar made for her daughter, Jinger Vuolo? Does it surprise you that these words brought Jinger to tears? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Duggar news.

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