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Lifetime’s ‘Killer Rivalry’ Is Thriller Competition

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What happens when a prank goes too far? You will find out in Lifetime’s latest thriller is Killer Rivalry.

This movie stars Nzingha Milu-Beatris Ashford (Lola 2, Godfather Of Harlem), Shantelle Lee Cuevas (A New Life, One And The Same), Anna Marie Dobbins (Romance On Ice, Looking For Dr. Love), and Alexandra Harris (The Nature Of Romance, All Light Will End).

Brian Skiba (Flowers And Honey, Obsessed With The Babysitter) is the director.

Here is what we know about LMN’s latest chiller.

What Is Lifetime’s Killer Rivalry About?

Ready for some deadly pranks? According to the Lifetime synopsis, Charly (Ashford) and Anika (Cuevas) are volleyball rivals from opposing teams.

Every year, the two teams pull pranks on each other, but things start to get out of hand when Anika’s volleyball partner is found dead.

As the season moves forward, Charly becomes the target of some extreme pranks with all signs pointing to Anika as the culprit. However, Charly’s own teammates seem suspicious too. Charly only trusts her new friend, Becky (Dobbins), the team’s intern.

When Anika and Charly find themselves tied up in a cabin together, the two rivals must figure out who exactly has been coming for them.

When Can You Watch Lifetime’s Killer Rivalry?

Don’t miss the premiere of Lifetime’s Killer Rivalry on Friday, April 22, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on LMN.

Don’t Miss Lifetime’s Secrets On Sorority Row

Sorority Row airs right after Killer Rivalry on LMN. This thriller stars Kristi McKamie, Lauren Buglioli, Taylor Hanks, and Kate Edmonds.

According to the Lifetime synopsis, Michelle (McKamie) is excited for her daughter, Quinn (Edmonds), to pledge to the same sorority she and her best friend, Stacey (Buglioli), pledged to when they were in college.

Moreover, she is especially happy when Quinn becomes friends with fellow sorority recruit, Lucy (Hanks). But when Michelle starts receiving anonymous threatening letters, she worries a dark secret she shares with Stacey has come to light. Will this secret come out?

Secrets On Sorority Row airs on Friday, April 22, at 10 p.m., Eastern, on LMN.

Lifetime Dying To Be A Cheerleader, used with permission
Lifetime Dying To Be A Cheerleader, used with permission

Start Out Your Friday Early With Dying To Be A Cheerleader

Starting at 6 p.m., Eastern, LMN is airing Dying To Be A Cheerleader. This stars Dominique Booth, Kalen Bull, Ashlynn Yennie, and Nicolette Langley.

According to the Lifetime synopsis, after her mother’s untimely death, Darcy (Booth) moves in with her wealthy aunt Cassandra  (Yennie) for a fresh start.

On her first day, Darcy watches the school’s cheer team, The Amazons, practice led by Taylor (Bull) and Taylor’s best friend, April (Langley).

However, the practice ends in a heated argument that causes one of the cheerleaders to break her ankle. Still, Darcy wants to try out but is stopped by Taylor, who becomes jealous after seeing Darcy with her jock boyfriend.

Yet, a turn of events makes this situation the least of everyone’s concerns. That is because one of the cheerleaders is found dead in the gym showers!

Moreover, Darcy appears to be the one to blame. Soon, deadly pranks, blackmail, and even murder begin to surround Locklear High, and it all leads back to Darcy and The Amazons.

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