Blac Chyna Abusive & Wanted Kardashian Name No Matter What?

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Rob Kardashian and his family are in court right now against Blac Chyna. She is claiming defamation on his family’s part that got her show with Rob canceled. However, things are starting to get messy as the trial continues to go on. Now, she’s denying ever accepting a ‘kill fee’ and seemingly only wants the Kardashian name. Read on to learn more!

Blac Chyna takes kill fee

Currently, the Kardashians and Chyna are in court over the reality show Rob and Chyna ending. According to the attorney, despite her fighting the show being canceled, she actually accepted a kill fee when the show came to an end. A kill fee is a fee that gets offered when they decide to no longer publish work that has already been done. AKA Chyna could’ve filmed footage that never made it to the TV before their show was canceled.

However, despite the proof that she accepted this money and was okay with the show ending, she claims she didn’t realize that that is what that money was for.

“Why would I sign a kill fee for my number one show?” she asks. She then claims she just thought that money was for filming.

Why all the drama?

Of course, some are wondering why she is going through all this trouble and all of this drama. According to People she would’ve done anything to adopt the Kardashian name. It’s no secret the relationship had issues and there were constant fights that would even get physical.

The fights got so bad in fact, Corey Gamble had to actually physically separate the couple from each other. This was on the day Rob and Chyna had a new season announced. However, it seems that if Chyna got to be a Kardashian, she didn’t care what the relationship was like.

“This relationship was fraught with problems and the network was very worried,” the attorney says about the show and the couple.

Clearly, it wasn’t in anyone’s best interest to keep the show going.

Kardashian from Youtube
Blac Chyna | Youtube

There’s no telling how this trial will end up. However, Kris Jenner has taken the stand and seems ready to defend her family. Especially her youngest daughter who apparently, Chyna threatened to kill.

How do you think the trial will end up? Will the Kardashians or Chyna end up on top? Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for updates on the case!

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