‘My Hero Academia’ Gives Some Fans A Chance To See Season 6 Early

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Nick Davis

My Hero Academia is running on five very successful seasons thus far. As of 2022, both the anime and the manga are two of the biggest modern hits in both industries. The way the show approaches superheroes, villains, and the training requirements to be both is endless entertainment. My Hero Academia creator Kohei Horikoshi manages to craft one interesting character after the other. Characters bursting with personality and interesting powers (Or “Quirks”), even if they’re only present for a short time.

Season six of My Hero Academia is now on the horizon and fans are waiting in anticipation. It’s set to begin premiering new episodes this fall. But ahead of that, there is a big announcement. If you’re a big My Hero Academia fan, it may be worth paying attention.

My Hero Academia Season 6

yaoyorozu my hero academia
Yaoyorozu of ‘My Hero Academia’

Recently, there was an announcement that Hero Fes will be returning for the first time since COVID. Hero Fes is a convention exclusively for My Hero Academia. Imagine Comic-Con but all of the cosplaying and merchandise centers around a single property. There are going to be voice actors for many of the most popular characters attending. They’ll be there to sign autographs, take pictures, answer questions on panels, and even do a live script reading.

On top of all of this, the most popular event will be the early screening of Season 6 Episode 1. Hero Fes will be taking place on July 24th. Season 6 isn’t set to premiere until this fall. That means this exclusive episode screening will be taking place 2-4 months before we get the rest of the season. That’s a very early time to be seeing a piece of one of the most famous shows out of Japan.

New Quirks And Big Action

Hero Fes 2022 is happening on July 24th in Tokyo, Japan. It is unknown at this time if North America fans of My Hero Academia will be able to attend. Japan is notably one of the only East Asian hot spots that continue to hold out on allowing free tourism once again since COVID. Theoretically, attendance to Hero Fes would be entirely possible were the borders to open up. And it is entirely possible that they could announce open tourism by June or July any day now. But, with no guarantee in sight, it seems unlikely that any citizens of the US or Canada will be able to attend. Which is a shame, considering the show’s large following in North America. There are thousands and thousands of My Hero Academia fans here who would love to attend an event like Hero Fes.

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