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Mama June’s Daughter Welcomes New Family Member

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Mama June’s family already has quite a few family members. The family matriarch has four daughters of her own — and now there are several happy grandchildren in the family too.

It’s never really surprising when one of Mama June’s daughters announces that the family is growing. However, fans always really enjoy celebrating the happy news with the family.

So which daughter is expanding the family? Keep reading — the answer may not be quite what you think!

Mama June’s extended family just got a little bit bigger

Anna Cardwell is the oldest of Mama June’s daughters. If you were a big Here Comes Honey Boo Boo fan, you might remember her as “Chickadee.”

Today, Anna is 27-years-old and is the mother of two daughters, Kaitlyn and Kylee. But her family just got a little bit bigger!

Anna Cardwell/Instagram

But it’s not an actual baby — Anna said in the past she’s content with two children. June Shannon isn’t getting another human grandchild — she’s getting another grandpuppy.

“Well everyone say hello to Riley he is a new addition to the house and he will be the last for a while haha,” Anna posted on Instagram. She posted a photo of the family’s new pup, happily curled up and asleep on someone’s lap.

Anna Cardwell/Instagram

In the comments, Anna revealed that Riley is a chihuahua. So he probably won’t get much bigger. Anna’s followers mentioned how cute he is — and a few even added that she certainly could have more pets.

You can never have to many. I actually have 14 dogs, 18 cats. Just cost to much for their spays and neuter,” replied one fan.

It’s not a new baby, but it’s still pretty exciting! Be sure to let us know what you think about Anna Cardwell’s new addition to the house.

The family matriarch is being snubbed at the moment

In case you haven’t heard, new episodes of Mama June will head to WEtv this May. And it appears that the family matriarch still isn’t on the best terms with her family members.

Alana Thompson has been living with her older sister Lauryn Efird for a while now. June Shannon hasn’t been making the best life choices and Alana is still a minor. However, it seems like June is back in the picture now and wants custody of her youngest daughter back. But Lauryn isn’t letting that happen without a fight.

Photos of the family’s Easter celebration revealed that Mama June wasn’t present, but Alana’s new boyfriend was. It seems like her family is giving her the cold shoulder for the time being.

If you want to keep up with June Shannon and the rest of her family, follow us online. We’re always here to bring you the news on Mama June and the rest of her clan.

Leave your thoughts in the comments and check back with us for more updates!

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