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‘MAFS’ Mark Maher Shares Lindsey’s ‘Biting’ Behavior With Dr. Pepper

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It’s been an up and down marriage for MAFS Season 14 couple Mark Maher and Lindsey Georgoulis. The couple hit it off at first and even consummated their marriage on their honeymoon. However, since then, it’s been a continuous journey of arguments. Now, Mark seems to be upset with some of Lindsey’s playful antics while being intimate or at least relaxing in bed. Keep reading to find out more about what Mark brought up to Dr. Pepper during an emergency counseling session.

MAFS Mark Maher has an issue with biting from Lindsey

The Sun shared all about the conversation Mark Maher and Lindsey Georgoulis had with Dr. Pepper regarding the biting situation. It seems Lindsey likes to be playful with her new husband. However, Mark admits he has a problem showing too much affection.

So, when Lindsey tries to get him up by kissing his neck. Mark said, “There will be times where we are laying down and Lindsey will want to wrestle – and I know she’s being playful, but sometimes it’s too much.” He continued: “I’ll say, ‘You need to stop, I don’t need you licking my neck, biting me, pinching me.’ Like once, cool, but I’ll her to ‘stop, stop, stop, stop!'”

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Dr. Pepper asked for Lindsey’s input on the situation. According to Lindsey, Mark seems to playfully push her away so that she assumes he doesn’t mind it. So, Lindsey admits she doesn’t always stop for that reason. Mark argues he has never said stop in a playful manner.

Clips were shown during the episode indicating Mark did ask Lindsey to stop.

Dr. Pepper weighs in on MAFS

Dr. Pepper listened to both Mark and Lindsey and offered her insight. She said it seems they don’t have a basic understanding of each other.

When asked if they could ask each other questions Lindsey spoke up immediately saying no. She said “He’s so quick to justify everything. ‘Oh, it was a joke; Oh, you took it the wrong way; Oh, you’re too sensitive.'”

The conversation got even more heated with Lindsey telling Mark she didn’t want to care anymore.

While the conversation with Dr. Pepper was hard, there were moments on the show when Lindsey helped Mark and it brought them closer.

Mark had to say goodbye to his beloved cat. Lindsey was with him every step of the way and he noted how grateful he was.

Married at First Sight Season 14 Decision Day is coming soon. What do you think will happen between Mark and Lindsey?

Stay tuned for more updates.



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