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Fans Shocked At Jeremiah & Hannah Duggar’s Choice For Honeymoon?

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Counting On fans are shocked to see where Jeremiah and Hannah Duggar chose to go on their honeymoon. They recently revealed the location to fans as they soaked up some quality time together. So, where are Jeremiah and Hannah vacationing, and what do fans have to say about it?

Last month, Jeremiah and Hannah tied the knot in Nebraska. Now, they are enjoying a romantic getaway before settling into married life.

Jeremiah and Hannah Duggar

On Wednesday, April 20, Jeremiah and Hannah Duggar hopped online to share a quick photo from their honeymoon. The couple is standing in front of the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas. In her post, Hannah tags their location as the Bahamas.

Jeremiah is dressed in a button-down shirt with khakis, while Hannah has chosen a light and flowy white dress.

While sharing the photo, Hannah writes, “Happily Ever After! #honeymoon”

Jeremiah and Hannah Duggar

In response to a fan’s comment, Hannah gushed, “It is such a perfect honeymoon destination!”

Jeremiah and Hannah Duggar are questioned about their honeymoon location choice.

Over on Reddit, Duggar snarkers are questioning Jeremiah and Hannah’s decision to visit the Bahamas. After all, many people there are probably wearing swimsuits, which the Duggars don’t think is appropriate.

Plus, it’s very warm there, so many people are also likely wearing summery clothing to stay cool. And this is also against the Duggars’ modesty standards.

So, it might come as a shock to see the Duggar couple on a vacation there. You might recall hearing the Duggars use the codeword “Nike” to alert their siblings to look down at their shoes when walking past someone dressed immodestly in public.

One Reddit user teased Jeremiah and Hannah Duggar, writing, “Hope she sported a modest swimsuit! 😉”

Someone else chimes in, “I feel like a resort in the Bahamas would kill a fundie man. All his life he’s had to look at his shoes if a woman with a little cleavage walked past him, now there’s gonna be women in bikinis all around… what’s he gonna do?!?!”

Another Duggar snarker adds, “I’ve been to this resort before… it’s more or less a giant water park. So much defrauding going on!!”

“A beach and pool vacation on a resort is definitely not a place I expected a Duggar to go. Nike! Nike!” says another.

So, do you think that it’s strange that Jeremiah and Hannah Duggar chose this honeymoon location, given their families’ thoughts on modesty? Or do you think they simply wanted to go somewhere warm and relaxing and didn’t give it much thought? Tell us what you think in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more reality TV news.

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  1. I think that the Duggar children were bright up with their parents rules, morals and values. They are married adults now and can do as they wish. It will be very awkward for all if the Duggar children living in real life, in a real world where people are showing more body than they are covering, swearing is as natural to some as breathing, moms and dads yell at their children etc. Real life outside of Duggarland happens. They with their spouses will make their own rules and decisions now, just as any other adult would. They can choose to live as they were brought up, or choose to do their own thing. They can choose to live a life in between the extremes. The key word is choose. It’s not for Jim Bob, Michelle, or is to choose for them the couple as grown adults can now make their own choices.

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