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Fans Say Robyn Brown Erasing Kody’s Kids Was Too Much To Take?

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When Robyn Brown joined the Brown family, she made herself at home. Though she never physically lived in the single-family home with her sister wives and Kody, she had her ways. From secret wedding dress shopping to manipulative crying, the other women had no idea what they had gotten themselves into. Though those things could be forgiven, fans saw something Robyn did that may have gone above and beyond.

Robyn Brown Becomes Kody’s Newest Wife

Bringing in a new wife was just what the polygamist doctor ordered. Apparently, if you’re having troubles in your life or your marriage, get another wife. At least that is the mantra in polygamy. Kody wed Meri, his first legal wife, in 1990. They seemed to be very much in love but always knew there would be more wives as she was raised in the lifestyle. In 1993, Kody married wife number two, Janelle who was Meri’s former sister-in-law. The following year, he married Christine. After sixteen years and twelve children, it seemed something was missing. That was when Meri introduced Kody to Robyn and they started to dance. He started to court her and after some time, he proposed.

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She was welcomed into the family along with her three children from a previous marriage. As quickly as she welcomed in with the Brown claddaugh ring was as quick as the family was escaping Utah for Vegas. Kody was a target for putting his life out there and polygamy was illegal so they had to move at the speed of light. In Vegas, they all lived in individual homes in the cul-de-sac. Robyn was the first and only wife to get a nanny. This carried on to their move to Flagstaff which was also all for Robyn’s son Dayton who was attending college in Arizona. By the time the pandemic hit in 2020, Robyn had taken over and the other wives seemed to be a distant memory. Speaking of memories, it looks like Robyn hijacked one of the family’s and made it her own.

The Infamous Portrait

In the Brown family, they like to celebrate their rather large household. Most wives have the names of all the family members in either embroidery or carved out then placed on the wall. Photos of all of the kids are also on display at all times. There was a picture of Kody holding baby Ysabel that was hung. In a twist, Robyn Brown took it and had it reimagined in a drawing. Yet, instead of keeping it as is, she had her kids as youngsters superimposed into the portrait. It hangs in their home. The original was featured on Reddit and a thread was quickly started. “She desperately wants to have “been together from the beginning” but they weren’t and she needs to be ok with that. You can’t erase their biological dad or Kody’s kids,” one noted.

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Another added: “She was 11 when it was “the beginning” so it isn’t even like it was feasible. Kody was 21 when he married Meri.” Someone believed if she were to redo the whole photo but just add her kids in, it might not be as strange. Yet this was taking it to the next level. A Redditor agreed: “It would still be weird, but she literally had the other kids erased and replaced with her own. And was overwhelmed with emotions at her thoughtful, not at all creepy gift 🤣. That’s so f’d up and narcissistic.” In the end, she got stuck with Kody for almost all of the pandemic so maybe the portrait worked.

What do you think of her erasing the other kids for hers? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. People can say what they want but Kidy and Robyn have single-handedly destroyed the family and driven the other wives away.

    1. Totally agree with u. They r 2 totally horrible people. Sobbin Robyn and Grody deserve each other. Disgusting people…..

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