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Why Robyn Brown Forced Christine To Do Better

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When Robyn Brown entered the family, third wife Christine had her reservations. She hoped she would amazing but knew anything could happen. Eleven years after Robyn became the fourth wife, Christine left the Brown family and has never seemed happier. Fans actually believe bringing Robyn in, despite all the drama, actually forced Christine to go live her best life.

Robyn Brown Disrupts The Balance

When Robyn joined the family in 2010, the three wives had a system. Along with their husband Kody, Meri, Janelle, and Christine all lived under one roof with their children. Meri worked when she could while Janelle was the main income earner. From day until night, she was out at the office which is what she preferred. As for Christine, she was the primary caretaker and homemaker, ensuring dinner was on the table. It was a great balance yet Robyn was never a part of this. Yes, she took care of Kody’s needs and wants in a romantic way but she never had to live in a single-family home. Upon her engagement to Kody, the wives helped move her close to their home as she had been living five hours away.

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She entered the family allegedly in a lot of debt while Christine had just filed for bankruptcy that same year. Having another home was a new expense. In Season 2, the Browns escaped Utah for Vegas as polygamy was illegal and Kody feared prison time. They did not live under one roof but rather bought four homes in a cul-de-sac, again more expenses. Janelle continued to pay her way and eventually, Meri and Christine got involved in MLMs. They were both quite successful yet many felt Christine had already worked extremely hard just raising so many kids. Fans often wondered what exactly Robyn did to earn her keep. She even got the most lavish home and a nanny in Flagstaff. The word favoritism came to mind more than it should have.

Christine Breaks Free

When the pandemic was raging, Kody and Christine just could not get along. This also applied to him and his second wife Janelle. The only home he was in primarily was Robyn Brown’s as he felt safest there. Furthermore, he deemed her the “obedient” wife with the kids who followed all of the rules. His marriage to Christine continued to dissipate until she packed up his stuff and left it in the basement. Finally, she moved to Utah where her heart was and fans believe Robyn’s “obedient” nature may have done her a favor. She is now living her best life away from Kody and according to Screen Rant, everyone is seeing this.

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“The family would have crumbled eventually because of Kody… Robyn hit the gas pedal to make the inevitable breakup [happen] faster,” one Redditor said. Another added: “Robyn gets to spend her life with [Kody] and Christine’s soulmate will be [so] much better.” With Robyn giving Kody so much attention and love, always being his biggest supporter, it is no surprise he is so faithful to her. He has admitted his marriage with Meri is over and is no longer in love with Janelle. Christine stood up to the idea that an intimacy-free marriage was not for her and now she can flourish.

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