‘Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown Controlled Visitor’s Food With What?

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Sister Wives fans have long been critical of Robyn Brown’s controlling nature. She keeps her five children extremely close to her, almost to a fault. Now it appears her controlling ways may have also spilled over to those who visited her home, as well.

Sister Wives Welcomes Wife Number Four

The Brown family was functioning just fine for sixteen years before Kody got an itch he needed to scratch. He had married Meri in 1990 followed by Janelle in 1993. Then he tied the knot with Christine in 1994 and the family seemed complete. They went on to have twelve children and worked through a lot of issues. Meri and Janelle clashed a lot due to jealousy issues. Though Meri was raised in polygamy, she was unused to having another woman in her space. Janelle was a new face and someone competing for Kody’s attention. Luckily, Christine came in and broke up that tension. Unfortunately, Meri has admitted she was more jealous of Christine than of Janelle. Yet Christine was so sweet and a breath of fresh air.

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She lightened the mood so much and helped raise the ever-growing family which would go on to face many moves and bankruptcies. Suddenly Kody shifted and they knew the cure would be a new wife. He met Robyn through Meri and fell in love. She lived five hours away with her kids from another marriage so he would make the commute. It was very hard, especially since Christine was pregnant with her sixth child. Finally, they moved her closer to the Brown home in Utah and she was able to become one with them, at least somewhat. Ultimately, wife number four became wife number one and has become the favorite and most despised all in one.

Controlling Wife And Mama

When the Sister Wives family decided it was time to move, Flagstaff seemed perfect, mainly for Robyn Brown. Her eldest son would be attending school in Arizona and she wanted to be close to him. It has also been noted that she is the only wife who had a nanny. The best part of being in a plural family is that there is no need for assistance. While Janelle worked full-time, Christine helped to raise their children together and tended to the home. Robyn recruited her niece, Mindy to care for her five kids and never let them leave her side. When they moved to Flagstaff and the pandemic hit, she ensured she and her kids did not step out of line at all.

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It was more important that Kody stay in their home than stay away. She was looked at as a coddler with Kody even calling her “obedient.” Then, it was discovered that she and Kody hired another nanny who ended up bringing COVID into the home, despite the protocols set forth. Now, according to Screen Rant, Robyn is not just controlling with her children and protocols but also guests. She would often say her house had fun food but in order to get to it, visitors had to do something. There was a sticky note on the fridge that told them they had to ask before eating anything. Does not sound all that welcoming.

Do you think Robyn should relax more or is that not in her nature? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I think NO ONE cares !
    How about you take this CRAP off tv and in it’s place replace it with something more of us can relate to. This family is a disaster and so is the message it’s putting out here.

  2. I can’t wait until all the wives wise up and leave loser Cody and he and whiny robin whined up in a trailer living off the government since neither of them work

  3. Robyn loves to play the victim and I’d love to have a dime for everytime she cries them crocodile tears🙄🙄 That was the biggest mistake ever allowing her to join the family, but I saw it coming from the beginning !! I just can’t stand to watch her, I fast forward when she talks.

    1. Sorry, Those are not crocodile tears even though you and some others would like to think that. There’s something much deeper. Robyn is the one I feel has the biggest and gentle heart and is getting made out to be bad. I get bad vibes from Christine the most. Can’t listen to her. I hear and feel a jealous and manipulative woman when she speaks.

  4. Robyn is the most passive aggressive person on the face of the earth. Kody probably has to ask permission to go to the bathroom truth be told.

  5. Wildfires have been reported on April 21 at Flagstaff, Arizona . Has the Coyote Pass land been affected ? I hope everyone is safe !

    1. I seen right thru her from the beginning. Her soft spoken, “I want Kody to get along with so & so” and let’s be one big happy family. BIG OLE’ BS from where I can see. Why not cry about one HUGE family you broke apart. Those kids are ALL real siblings. Way to go sweet lil ole ROBIN

    1. That would be Christine and Jenelle who have the stick up there. I don’t know where anyone would see that about Robyn unless they’re haters of a newer & prettiest wife. Look deeper,not just surface level. Team Robyn&Meri all the way.

  6. As a guest in someones home i would NEVER ask for anything and definitely would absolutely NEVER help myself to anything in the frig….im sure the note is for her kids.. which is understandable…

  7. People usually look at service level but I look deeper. Between the lines. I’ve never been wrong about someone’s true self when I read them.
    With that being said, I feel Robyn has a good heart, the most out of all of them and the best intentions. That’s why she is a deep, sensitive, gentle soul. I definitely don’t feel any passive aggressiveness. She’s been hurt alot in the past and just wants a family who all love and understand each other and give her a chance to really know her. And it’s common sense for a guest to ask to eat food from your fridge though.It would be rude for a guest to go rummaging through someones fridge or cabinets. They don’t live there. That is not controlling. I wouldn’t be comfortable going in someone’s house and doing that like I own the place. And I don’t know anyone who would be ok with that. So many people don’t seem to have boundaries or respect. Christine and Jenelle give me fake vibes. They seem a tad manipulative. There’s an off feeling. The whole show something always screamed that Christine would be jealous of Robyn and leave and try to make little hints to talk bad of her without being real about what she’s really trying to say. Like someone saying something rude af but have a smile on their face and talk gently while doing it, doesn’t make it any less mean. Before Christine was the best looking one, now Robyn is a younger more attractive looking wife. Huge jealousy vibes! I see behind her eyes. Janelle gives me mixed vibes and resting b face. I think she back-bites often. She loves Cody but might want him to be the one to break it off if they break up ever.
    I’m 50/50 on her.Mary I feel is sad even when she smiles. I feel like she used to be vibrant and full of love,now she is depressed and crying inside for love and someone to run to her with open arms. I’m sure it hurts her deeply that she can’t have anymore kids yet and everyone else got to. Once she was number one,now she ends up last and pushed to be side. I feel the pain. I know how her and Robyn feel from certain things in their past and current situation. Team Robyn&Mary.
    My intuition will remain with them always.

  8. In the tell all Robyn said she was hoping to develope a relationship with Christine. When? She’s had 10 years

  9. It would depend on who the visitors were. Family and her own children the note would be snobby. If just friends and she found it necessary then why have them stay at her home.

  10. When I have guests over, friends and in laws / family. I always offer something to drink when they get there. If I am busy in the kitchen, and someone asks for a pop, or something to nibble on ( olives, crackers, whatever prepared ahead. ) before we eat. I tell them help themselves. I try to be a good hostess. Of course my kids, and grandson help themselves. No way would I put a sign up to ask. That’s rude. Unfortunately, kody tossed his other wives for Robin. Kody didn’t go to his daughter surgery because Robin said her kids can’t be away from him. Yet he has been away from his other kids alot longer. Still wonder why she had a paid nanny.2 children at home. Plus 2 older college/ high school. Others didn’t with others having more children who were younger. Christine wasn’t paid being a wife. Miss days from just 3 wives. They had problems, but worked it out, kody spent time and loved everyone. Now he doesn’t. Hopefully meri, Jenelle leaves finds happiness.

  11. I like all the wives and feel Robyn is sensitive person who tries to work into being friendly with all the wives. I like all the wives and they all have great qualities that work with the “family dynamic” of being a sister wife. I bet is is really tough to be in a relationship like this one. It is fascinating actually to see how it all works and does not work. I do not know why the family left Vegas as they were all in a cul-de-sac, nicely built homes, seemed happy and were close. This moving all over is tough on a family and the kids especially. I can see the stress on everyone after this move and then the Covid pandemic added to it all. The family have not even built on Coyote Pass yet. I like the show but Cody is a bit much in some of the scenes, remember they all are trying to “act” which can be tough. They all do much better than most reality shows. I would never be in a relationship like this one but to get an insider view of it is interesting for sure.

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