Peter Weber From ‘The Bachelor’ Still Getting Shade From Exes

Several Bachelor Nation stars have been popping up at Coachella. That includes two of Peter Weber’s exes, Kelley Flanagan and Victoria Fuller. Victoria and Peter had a tumultuous relationship and argued on the show. While she was one of his final three, he didn’t choose her in the end.

He sent Kelley home even though she maintained she was the most mature of the women he had to choose from. After it didn’t work out with his winner, and the woman he left her for, he dated Kelley. Quarantine brought them together as it did for so many couples, but it didn’t last either. Now those two women are still throwing shade at Peter and all their exes.

What Did Kelley Flanagan And Victoria Say About Peter?

Kelley Flanagan and Victoria Fuller didn’t directly mention Peter or anyone in their post. According to Us Weekly, Kelley captioned a post on her story, “Look we ran into our exes at Coachella.” The picture is of the two women in front of the trash dumpsters.

Victoria Fuller also dated Chris Soules from Bachelor Nation, so she could have also been talking about him and anyone else she’s dated in the past. Fuller seemed to end things amicably with Soules. She said, “I, like, respect him so much and I think he’s an amazing man. I just think that right now, I’m in a different place than he is,”

Kelley Flanagan had fans ask her about Coachella including the post about her exes and Peter Weber. One fan asked her if they had trouble getting in. She said they didn’t go to a day-long event like a lot of other people, but it was weird because you had to be on a bus to get in.

Kelley Flanagan, Instagram
Kelley Flanagan, Instagram

When asked how it was running into her, “exes,” referencing the trash cans, she said her friendship with Kelsey Weier and Victoria is full of jokes, and that fans sometimes take them way too seriously. She said, “I genuinely wish all of my exes well and don’t have any animosity toward them.”

On the Viall Files podcast, Kelley had a bit of a different take on her relationship. She told Nick Viall, “I went off and essentially said, like, ’Get the hell out of my life.’ It ended really badly.” It’s possible she’s had time to forgive and forget.

The Girls Enjoyed More Than One Day Together

Kelley Flanagan and Victoria Fuller shared pictures from more than one day of Coachella with a couple of outfit changes. Fuller shared pictures from Day Three on her Instagram. Kelsey commented on the below picture, “I miss you both.”

Kelley Flanagan, Victoria Fuller, Instagram
Kelley Flanagan, Victoria Fuller, Instagram

What do you think about the trash comment, funny or too much? Comment with your thoughts below. As always come back to TV Shows Ace for all things Bachelor.

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