‘OutDaughtered’ Danielle Busby Did Not Embrace Furbaby Mom Role?

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Looking at Danielle Busby with her dogs Gus and Beaux now is a bit ironic for fans who have followed the show and the family for a long time. As we previously reported, Beaux Busby was a birthday present for the girls. It was a pretty controversial birthday present that got OutDaughtered fans really worked up.

Why? Well, because Danielle Busby did NOT like the idea of having a dog and she just didn’t want one. OutDaughtered fans were frustrated with Adam because they believed he went against the wishes of his wife when he got the girls the dog.

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Ironically, Danielle Busby has fully embraced being a dog mom

OutDaughtered fans can’t deny Danielle Busby has come a long way from being the woman that didn’t want a dog. As we previously reported, it didn’t take long before Beaux Busby realized how the queen of the household was. Beaux was quickly taken by Danielle and she became her favorite person.

Fast forward a few years, Danielle and Adam Busby decide to get a second dog. Thus, Gus is brought into the family. When they acquired the dog it became clear to fans that Danielle was much more involved in the process of getting Gus. Gus also ended up being a surprise for their beautiful girls.



Gus and Beaux Busby love their mother

Danielle Busby recently revealed she’d lost a battle with Gus involving her bed. She joked that they had a pretty strict rule involving the girls not sleeping in their bed. Adam and Danielle believed it was a nasty habit they didn’t want to have to deal with breaking.

So, the girls have always slept in their own rooms. Gus, however, has made it clear he wasn’t having any of that nonsense and Danielle has shared photos and videos of him forcing his way into her bed more than a few times.

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Do you agree it is ironic that Danielle Busby shifted from not wanting to have a dog to being a full-blown dog mom that loves both of her fur babies? How do you feel knowing Adam got Beaux for the girls even though Danielle didn’t want him to? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest OutDaughtered news about the Busby family.

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