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Meri Brown Talking Out Side Of Mouth About Paedon Brown?

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Meri Brown admittedly has felt lonely in her very large plural family. So much so that she claimed no one know if anything happened to her during the pandemic. Though her sister wife Janelle deemed this to be false, she has some tension within the familial makeup. One person she cannot get along with is her “son” Paedon Brown. Recently, Meri issues a strong warning but who was it really directed to?

Meri Brown, Hard To Handle?

When Sister Wives premiered in 2010, the original three wives seemed to get along swimmingly. Meri, Janelle, and Christine all shared one home with her husband, Kody, and twelve children. Baby Truely was cooking in Christine’s belly while Kody courted his fourth wife, Robyn. He had been set up with her by Meri and it just clicked. Though there was some jealousy, a new marriage was what he needed. They had not courted someone in sixteen years so this was new territory for everyone. Not only were they welcoming in Robyn but also her three kids from a previous marriage. She never officially lived in the one home with the Browns but it was still an adjustment. Though everything looked okay on the outside, it was never what it seemed.

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As time went on, old messages resurfaced where Maddie Brush (nee Brown) seemingly referred to Meri as a monster. Furthermore, Kody had once acknowledged that Meri did not have the greatest relationships with the family. It had also come out that Meri did not like it when people were in her space in the one-family home. That meant Janelle often had to sneak outside of the home to get to Christine’s space. Both Janelle and Meri were upstairs while Christine was the “basement wife.” This caused some tension in their relationship. During the pandemic, no one really reached out to Meri but they did connect with one another much to Kody’s dismay. This has not changed even with Christine’s departure.

Shading Paedon?

Christine’s son Paedon Brown has been on his own press tour. He speaks on podcasts and has amassed a following on his personal TikTok. Currently, he is trying to get verified and has asked his followers exactly how to do that. In any case, Paedon has not been shy when it comes to his family. He shared a lot about his father, his dad’s wife, Robyn, and his relationship with his siblings. Apparently, he and Meri’s daughter, Mariah are not on speaking terms at all. The one person he is not allowed to speak about is his “mom” Meri Brown.

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She is apparently off-limits. Much like Paedon, Meri loves to go live on social media and talk about a lot of things. She even mocked Paedon’s mother Christine for her new cooking show. However, the other day Meri issued a warning on Instagram about her B&B. She talked about how fans were more than welcome to drive by and take a photo. Yet, it was completely unacceptable to approach the neighborhood kids and ask them to come to the door.

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According to Screen Rant, fans took exception to this posting. Mainly because this is an extremely small town (it’s in Parowan, Utah) with a small population and not many kids. So they are under the impression this is a dramatic post. At the end of the posting, she concluded with “if you think I’m speaking to you, I probably am.” With that one simple line, was Meri taking a dig at Paedon, or is she actually mad at the podcasters he’s been engaging with? Does she feel they have been preying on him knowing that he is vulnerable and just wants a taste of fame?

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