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‘Sister Wives’: What Is Robyn Brown’s Health Condition?

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There are a lot of different people in the Brown household. Kody Brown may have three wives, but it’s clear that he’s devoted to the newest wife, Robyn Brown.

Although each of the wives has their own unique personality, Reddit users couldn’t help but notice that each of the wives really take after their own mothers. And that’s how they concluded that Robyn Brown might be dealing with a medical condition at the moment.

Keep reading to see what Reddit users think they discovered.

Is Robyn Brown already going through the big change?

Kody and Robyn Brown spiritually married in 2010. She’s been in a picture for quite some time and like all of us, she’s getting older. And according to some fans, she’s taking on some of the negative characteristics of her mother.

“Has anyone noticed how SIMILAR all four women are to their mothers, including their life trajectories? It’s wild,” the original Reddit poster asked. They went on to highlight similarities between the sister wives and their mothers, ending with Robyn Brown. “Robyn and Alice – divorced their first husband and remarried as a non-first wife (she gives me the ick because she sounds exactly like Robyn lol).”

“Robin [sic] has her mother’s body shape as well,” replied another Reddit user. “She used to brag about being able to eat and not gain weight. Yeah, that was most of us in our 20s and 30s. Her body is changing, and her mother has a very unhealthy body. … Robin [sic] bragging at the gym while the other moms were being weighed, her smirk, disgusted me. She’s gaining already, she looks like her mom now and her body will mimic her mother’s in a few short years.”

However, another Reddit user brought up a very interesting point.

“That’s called menopause and it’s a b—-,” added another Reddit user.

Robyn Brown may only be 43 years old, but that’s not too early to experience the big change. Some Sister Wives fans might even argue that’s why Robyn is the emotional one out of the group.

Robyn Brown/TLC

Do you think this medical condition might be to blame for Robyn’s behavior? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.

What lies ahead for the Brown family?

Sister Wives is done for the season, but there might be plenty of drama ahead. Now that Christine Brown has left the family, the rest of the Browns will have to grapple with the aftermath.

Most notably, we wrote that Robyn Brown insisted that Christine and Kody go through their church to make their divorce official. Christine might be gone, but we’re still definitely going to feel her presence in the aftermath of the divorce.

What do you think will happen in future seasons? Let us know in the comments and keep following us online for more on the Sister Wives family.

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