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‘OutDaughtered’ Adam Busby YELPS As Hazel Runs Him Over?

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“OW,” Adam Busby shouted after his daughter Hazel fan him over while grocery shopping. The OutDaughtered dad shared a video on Instagram yesterday of himself and Hazel shopping at HEB. He started to say where they were and what they were doing before showing “OW” followed by shouting Hazel’s name. He proceeded to limp a bit as he rubbed the back of his foot.

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Hazel Busby Runs Over Daddy

After taking a moment to collect himself, Adam Busby chuckles while explaining to the camera that Hazel keeps slamming into the back of his foot with the little cart she is pushing. Hazel Busby could be heard giggling in the background after crashing into daddy’s foot. Turns out, the HEB they are shopping at has miniature carts for children.

There is a large metal pole with a white flag on top that says “customer in training.” OutDaughtered fans jested the flag was the store’s way of warning people to be careful around the kiddie carts. So, perhaps, Adam would have been safer walking behind Hazel versus walking in front of her. Check out the adorable video on Instagram.

Adam Busby Details What Is In Her Cart

The OutDaughtered father proceeds to tell his fans that they were shopping for necessities. This appeared to be a shopping trip where he was allowing Hazel to pick and choose what she wanted to put in her cart. Hazel Busby’s cart had a turkey breast, bananas, and a large bag of goldfish sitting on top. Adam noted he was allowing Hazel to do some of the shopping.

Hazel Busby - Adam Busby Instagram


Busby Fans Gush About How Precious Hazel Is

There is no denying that Hazel Busby is a favorite among OutDaughtered fans. Most assume her fiery red hair and adorable glasses are the biggest reasons why fans are so taken by her. Fans loved that Adam shared this video with them. They thought it was cute Hazel was getting to shop with daddy.

Moreover, fans really loved seeing Hazel Busby getting some one-on-one time with daddy. Given that Adam and Danielle have six girls, it is always awe-inspiring when fans catch a glimpse of one of the girls getting alone time with one of their parents.

Hazel Busby shopping cart

A few fans noted how relatable the video was as getting run over when you let your child push the cart is extremely common.

Let us know what you think of this sweet daddy and daughter shopping trip in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more OutDaughtered news.

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