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Mama June Snubbed, Honey Boo Boo New Beau Welcome?

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In May, new episodes of Mama June will head to WEtv. But what can we expect when the new season drops?

Alana Thompson has been living with her older sister, Lauryn Efird for a while now. But now that Mama June is back in the picture, she wants custody of her youngest daughter again. But that might not quite go according to plan.

And on top of that, Alana has a new boyfriend that’s a little bit older. It seems apparent that Lauryn’s family is warming up to the new beau, but might snub Mama June.

How will it all unfold?

Mama June wasn’t in the family’s Easter photos

The Sun recently reported that the family had a wonderful Easter celebration together. But Mama June wasn’t included in the festivities. In the family photo obtained by the publication, you can see Alana along with her older sisters, Jessica and Lauryn. Lauryn’s husband and two children are also in the photo, as is Alana’s new boyfriend Dralin.

It’s no secret that matriarch and the rest of the family have a bit of a rocky relationship. Ever since her addiction battle came to the surface, she’s had a hard time connecting with her daughters. Did the family purposefully leave her out of the Easter celebration, or is she sitting out because of NDAs with WEtv?

Mama June from WEtv
Mama June/WEtv

From everything we’ve heard so far, it’s possible that Mama June really wasn’t invited to the gathering. Hollywood Life reports that both Mama June and Lauryn Efird really want custody of Alana. And they’re really butting heads as a result.

Alana Thompson/Instagram

In new clips from the upcoming season, Mama June seems to try to put her foot down with the girls. She claims that Alana is “hers” and she can take her back any time she wants. But it doesn’t really seem like Alana is on board with that. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens next.

The matriarch’s new romance probably isn’t doing her many favors either

We already know that a lot of tension between Mama June and her family stems from her addiction issues. It seems like she’s doing her best to stay sober these days, but her new boyfriend also has a criminal history with drugs. He even recently spent time in prison on drug-related charges. It goes without saying that her family probably isn’t very excited about that.

It’s unclear exactly how serious the family matriarch is with her new beau, but they were recently spotted ring shopping. It’s not yet known if her new man will have a major role in the latest season of Mama June.

If you’d like to check out the trailer for the upcoming season, you can do that here:

Do you think there is hope for Mama June and the rest of her family? Will she clean up her act and reunite with them? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments. We’re curious to hear what you have to say.

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