‘LPBW’ Isabel Roloff ‘So Over It’ With Eyeroll As She Keeps Posting?

Isabel Roloff Instagram

Former LPBW star Jacob Roloff‘s wife is “so over it.” Isabel Roloff took to social media to share her thoughts on a tricky situation, and she rolled her eyes because she’s simply done with this topic.

On social media, Isabel Roloff often speaks her mind and lets fans know how she’s feeling. When she is criticized online, she often claps back at the haters. She isn’t afraid to be herself or shut down the trolls who pop up on her Instagram page. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that she’s telling everyone just how “over it” she is.

Keep reading to see what she has to say and why she’s just so fed up these days.

Isabel Roloff Instagram
Isabel Roloff Instagram

LPBW: Isabel Roloff is ‘so over it.’

On her Instagram stories this week, Isabel Roloff opened up to LPBW fans about what she’s going through right now. It sounds like she’s received a lot of criticism lately, and she’s not going to take it any longer.

In a text post, Jacob’s wife wrote:

“Now that Easter is over can we talk about WHY people make body comments towards women who just gave birth? Shouldn’t they get at least a YEAR to ‘bounce back’ I mean recover?!”

She also added an eye-roll emoji to the post.

Isabel Roloff Instagram

Then, the LPBW family member shared a heavily filtered selfie, smoothing her complexion and covering her face in sparkles. In the photo, she’s rolling her eyes and writes, “I’m sooo overrrrr it.”

Isabel Roloff Instagram

It’s unclear what exactly prompted this rant online. Isabel did share a series of photos from her family’s Easter celebration, so maybe she received some negative comments about her body there. She did make it into a couple of the snaps, and fans might have found something negative to say.

Or maybe someone messaged her something rude about her postpartum body.

Regardless of what happened, it sounds like the LPBW family member is attempting to make it very clear that these types of comments aren’t welcome on her page. And maybe she’s also hoping to encourage people not to comment these things on anyone else’s posts either.

So, can you relate to Isabel Roloff as she’s “so over it” when it comes to comments about her postpartum body? Do you agree with her statement? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the LPBW family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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