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‘Love After Lockup’: Raydean Married But Not To Rick?

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All of the Love After Lockup couples have quirks to them. None more than Raydean and Rick who knew each other prior to Ray getting locked up. Though he had hoped they could have a future once she was released, has his fantasy been completely crushed?

Raydean And Rick Look For Love After Lockup

This is one couple that should make sense. Though he is much older than her, Rick and Raydean used to run in the same circle. She had been dating someone in his bike club. Ultimately, Rick scored three dates with Ray then, and she got locked up and disappeared from his life. It was not until she reached out that he discovered where she was. He started to communicate with her and they decided to pursue something together. Rick just assumed that when she was released after five years, he would be the one she would be with. Little did he know she was hiding a secret from him.

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Once he picked her up, he learned that she had a longtime girlfriend that she had met in prison named Kay. She also wanted to be with her parents more than him. Yes, she had developed feelings for him but she was not sure how things would be in the outside world. He was shaken to discover she had a girlfriend, one her parents already knew about. Unfortunately, she had to enter the halfway house after forty-eight hours so there was not enough time for them to work it all out. With her coming back to the real world, what is going to happen and who will she end up with?

Raydean Walks Down The Aisle?

Since the show started airing, fans have been very curious as to what happened to the cast. As for Raydean and Rick, it appears they are over. First off, they are no longer following each other on Facebook. Secondly, Ray’s status says she is married but not to Rick. Even Tracie Trendy confirmed this on her YouTube channel. She shared that Ray got married in early 2021 but that Rick had still posted about his ex up until the end of last year. Her new father-in-law has been commenting on her status updates frequently even when she seems down.

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No one knows the identity of her new husband or when they met. More so, how Rick factors into all of this is uncertain. Followers of TT had this to say: “Wonder how Kay fits into this new triangle? From posts it appears she has been off and on with her “husband” for awhile.” Another added: “She’s a player a girlfriend, a boyfriend and a husband. Bad girl shouldn’t want for anything lol.” It will be interesting to see how the relationship falls apart and if her new man shows up.

Are you surprised they did not go the distance? Let us know and watch Love After Lockup Fridays on WEtv.

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  1. Almost none of these “romances” end in a marriage. The first episode showed big red flags for this couple. Anytime, the person getting out of jail puts off having sex it is a clear sign they have been using the person on the outside for money.

  2. Rick deserves way better thank Raydean. She’s hateful and obviously using whoever is unfortunate enough to be nice to her. Save that entitled attitude Raydean. It will only serve to get your butt right back behind bars. Shame on you. You’re ungrateful.

  3. Personally know Rick and he deserves better. Being complex in your sexuality as he is shouldn’t mean you don’t deserve respect.

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