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Jim Bob Duggar Way More Attractive Than Kody Brown?

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Is Jim Bob Duggar or Kody Brown more attractive? The two TLC fathers have been compared in a number of ways, but now, TLC viewers are paying close attention to their looks. Keep reading to find out who fans think is more attractive.

We compared some of the similarities and differences between Jim Bob and Kody recently. It turns out that the two men might be more alike than fans initially realized. They both have large families, ended up on TLC, and more. Both Sister Wives and 19 Kids & Counting/Counting On have lots of fans and viewers.

And TLC viewers can list plenty of reasons for liking or disliking either one of these guys. Some love them and some hate them.

But when it comes to their physical appearances, who do fans find more attractive? Jim Bob Duggar or Kody Brown?

Kody Brown, Jim Bob Duggar, YouTube

Is Jim Bob Duggar more attractive than Kody Brown?

On Facebook, fans are talking about Jim Bob Duggar and Kody Brown, while comparing the two of them. As we mentioned, they are alike in some ways and totally different in other ways.

One TLC fan shared their opinion, pointing out a major difference they noticed between the two men when it comes to their appearances. They wrote, “At least Jim Bob is fairly good looking and clean.”

Maybe fans think that Kody looks unkempt, which would explain why they appreciate Jim Bob’s clean haircut.

It looks like a couple of others agree with this sentiment.

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However, plenty of fans agree that both men are “gross” or “disgusting.” While TLC viewers might enjoy keeping up with both of these families, they have shared criticisms of the patriarchs of each family.

Maybe more fans will weigh in on Kody Brown’s and Jim Bob Duggar’s appearances soon. But for now, it looks like more folks find Jim Bob attractive. Of course, it all comes down to personal preference. In the past, fans have questioned what the women see in Kody Brown, just as others have been disturbed by Jim Bob Duggar’s “gross” appearance and his weird behaviors.

So, do you think that Jim Bob Duggar or Kody Brown is more attractive? Do you agree that Jim Bob appears to take better care of himself or do you think that’s incorrect? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Duggar and Brown families, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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