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Jessa Seewald’s Son Wants To Marry, Fans Appalled At Her Response?

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At six years old, Spurgeon Seewald tells his mother Jessa about a girl having a crush on him at school. According to Jessa, her young son proceeds to tell her that he doesn’t like her the same way she likes him. This is where the conversation with his mother takes a turn. Panic sets in. How will he find a girl he likes? A girl he wants to marry. Where is she?

Jessa penned as she recalled what her son said to her: “I don’t know anyone who I can marry. How am I going to find a wife soon enough?!”

Jessa Seewald tells fans she reassured her son he was “still young.” There was plenty of time later in life for him to worry about getting a girlfriend. Jessa added that Spurgeon’s father Ben found her when he was 17. So maybe, in 11 years, Spurgeon would find the girl he wanted to marry.

Jessa Seewald YouTube
Jessa Seewald YouTube

Sayings Of Spurgeon Seewald: Fans Concerned

On Facebook and Reddit, fans admit they were a bit concerned by what Jessa shared. After all, Spurgeon Seewald is just six years old. Fans agreed with Jessa that he was far too young to be concerned about who he would marry. Some of these fans, however, took issue with Jessa saying that Spurgeon panicked over the possibility of not knowing who to marry. Are Jessa Seewald’s priorities with her son a bit out of whack?

In the comments on Facebook, fans noted the ultimate goal of a good Christian isn’t to find someone to settle down with and have children.

Jessa Duggar Instagram

One fan penned: “Marriage is not the ultimate goal of Christians. Loving one another and spreading the Gospel is- and he has lots of time for that, too!!”

The comment above was liked nearly a dozen times as many others agreed. A second individual admitted they HOPED Jessa Seewald told her son Spurgeon that he didn’t need a spouse in order to live a happy and full life.

Are Fans Making Too Much Of This?

There were nearly 200 people who liked the comment encouraging Jessa Seewald to tell Spurgeon he didn’t need a spouse to be happy. Fans proceeded to get in a bit of a heated exchange in the comments. Some noted there was nothing wrong with what Jessa posted and Spurgeon was too young to get into the details of understanding that not everyone grows up and gets married. Many noted Jessa was just sharing a fun and innocent conversation with her son and people shouldn’t see it as more than that.

Jessa seewald - ben seewald instagram
Jessa seewald – ben seewald instagram

What do you think of what Spurgeon Seewald had to say about marriage? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more on the Duggar family.

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