Hannah Ann Sluss Reveals Parents’ Thoughts On Boyfriend Jake Funk

Hannah Ann Sluss, YouTube

Fans of The Bachelor will probably remember Rick Sluss from his stern warning to Peter Weber about his daughter Hannah Ann Sluss. The internet loved him and he told Peter to not tell Hannah Ann he loved her until he was serious. Peter acted shocked by such a request, but it wasn’t unreasonable unless you’re on a reality show where you’re encouraged to fall in love quickly.

The season ended with Sluss winning Peter’s final rose, but it became clear she didn’t have his heart. After they broke up, he pursued another finalist, Madison Prewett, and tried to make it work. After that also fell apart he moved on to another contestant Kelley Flanagan and now Peter is single. Several fans feel like Hannah Ann dodged a bullet getting out of that relationship when she did. Hannah Ann isn’t sweating it though, she has a new man in her life and he just met Rick Sluss along with her mother Jennifer.

Hannah Ann Sluss Said They Met Each Other’s Parents

Hannah Ann Sluss said, according to People, that she met Jake Funk’s parents first. After that, she said her parents came from Tennessee to California to meet him and his parents too. Sluss said that her parents gave her thumbs up on her boyfriend. She kept her relationship with him private at first after experiencing a very public relationship and breakup with Peter.

Hannah Ann Sluss and Jake Funk, Instagram
Hannah Ann Sluss and Jake Funk, Instagram

Hannah said, “They adore him. They think he’s like, such a great fit for me.” She said Jake is her best friend and she wouldn’t change anything. Hannah has been quite successful since she left the show. She has a cooking show where she has friends and family on to learn simple dishes with a side of southern charm.

Recently she had Caelynn Miller-Keyes on to make Vegan Buffalo Cauliflower. Hannah is also modeling for Ford and has many sponsorships on her social media channels.

Fans Are Happy For Hannah Ann As Well

Since Hannah Ann Sluss went public with her and Jake’s relationship in February, fans have been sharing well wishes. One said, “I love you guys so much so to see you happy.” Another said, “Living ur best life queen.” A third said, “I’m so happy for you deserve all the happiness you’re having.”

Bachelor Nation and other reality stars also made sure to comment on Hannah’s pictures. Especially the ones from their Mexican vacation. Caelynn Miller-Keyes, Victoria Fuller, and Selling Sunset’s Davina Potratz posted flames. Emma Hernan from Selling Sunset said, “You guys are so cute omg!”

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