Christine Brown Has Amazing Murder Mystery Party, See Pics

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It was Christine Brown’s first birthday away from Kody and as a single woman. Furthermore, she was turning the big 5-0. So, of course, she had to go big. This meant having a blowout bash with a fantastic theme. The mother of six chose a murder mystery party and had some exciting guests. Luckily, photos showed how much fun everyone had celebrating the birthday girl.

Christine Brown Leaves Her Old Life

It took a lot of courage for Christine to say she had enough. After twenty-seven years with Kody Brown, this was the only life she had ever known. She had admitted that all she had ever wanted was to be a third wife after being raised in polygamy. He had married Meri in 1990 and Janelle in 1993. When he met Christine, she was a breath of fresh air yet he admitted he was not attracted to her off the bat. However, she brought a lightness to the family that was much needed. She also broke up some of the tension between the first two wives and gave a sense of peace. Once the children were born, she was a great homemaker and would say yes to anything. Eventually, she could not do it all anymore and had to think about herself.

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In 2010, Sister Wives premiered and Kody took on a fourth wife. His marriage with Christine was suffering and she questioned plural marriage. She could still be in it but she just needed him to comfort her more than he was. He would also belittle her and tell her what she wanted to hear. She started to see that this was not what she wanted and it was made even worse when he told her they would not be intimate any longer. This was what he with Meri and it was not the kind of marriage for her. She left and moved back to Utah where her heart belonged. Now she is living her best life and celebrating another trip around the sun.

Happy Birthday!

For Christine Brown’s fiftieth birthday, she went all out. The successful entrepreneur threw herself a lavish murder mystery party and all of her family was there. Ysabel came in from North Carolina where she is in university along with Mykelti Padron and baby Avalon. Additionally, some special guests also joined the festivities. Her former sister wife, Janelle, and her daughter, Savanah were in attendance.

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They came in from Flagstaff after spending Easter with the ladies in Utah. This is not the first time that these ladies have gotten together with their families. They recently spent a week together in Disney World for a wellness retreat. Janelle took to Instagram to share some photos and to thank her sister wife for the invite.

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She noted that she loved the theme and the 1920s time period saying she hopes they “do it again soon.” Fans were so thrilled to see the women still doing things together and noted how great they looked. It seems the party was off the charts and everything Christine deserved and more.

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