The Real Reason Pauley Perrette Left ‘NCIS’ As Abby Sciuto

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There is no denying that Pauley Perrette’s character Abby Sciuto was a fan favorite on NCIS. As such, fans were absolutely gutted when this character was no longer part of the show. NCIS fans had a hard time saying goodbye to Abby. And, they have an even harder time seeing Pauley as anyone other than Abby Sciuto. With a large portion of NCIS available for streaming on Netflix, the series picks up new fans every day as younger generations stumble upon it. So, it is no surprise that a big question about this character as resurfaced.

Turns out, fans want to know the real reason Pauley Perrette walked away from NCIS and Abby Sciuto. Here’s what we know about Pauley walking away from the series.

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The real reason Pauley Perrette left NCIS and Abby Sciuto

Pauley Perrette’s character Abby exits NCIS during Season 15. As Screen Rant reminds those that haven’t watched the show in a while, her exit from the series was a bit sudden and unexpected. The outlet goes on to report that on-set tension between Pauley and Mark Harmon is ultimately what led to her departure from the show. Turns out, the co-stars had a falling out in 2016. The falling out started when Mark brought his dog on the set and the dog attacked several crew members. Pauley Perrette reportedly felt unsafe being on the set even though Mark claimed he kept his dog in his trailer.

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The tension between Pauley and Mark became some intense that it was decided the actor and actress would film on different days. Naturally, this became a scheduling nightmare for the production team and it created massive issues with Abby and Gibbs were supposed to be in scenes together.

Most NCIS fans agree Abby’s exit from the series was just as shocking as Kate’s death. Moreover, fans weren’t super thrilled with her final episode in the series as special effects were used to keep her and Mark Harmon from having to film together.

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Would she ever return to the show?

Pauley Perrette has made it pretty clear she has no interest in returning to the show. Her lack of desire to return, however, stemmed from her refusal to work with Mark Harmon because she feared he would attack her. Now, Mark Harmon has kept his lips sealed on the issue. But, the CBS Entertainment president confirmed Pauley did file an official complaint against the actor. The president goes on to confirm the complaint was swiftly handled.


Now, Pauley Perrette’s thoughts on never returning to the show could have changed as Mark Harmon is no longer on the cast. Bringing Abby back after losing Gibbs would certainly be one way for the series to continue to move forward.

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Would you like to see Abby return to the series? Do you think Pauley would consider coming back with Mark Harmon off the set? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest TV news.


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  1. Though I continued to watch NCIS over the years to current season I have to honestly say it was still better with Mark Harmon, didn’t miss Pauley though I liked her character on show but it was an easy transition to new actress who replaced her.

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