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Is Jana Duggar Not As Sweet As Fans Think? Former Friend Spills Truth

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If you’re a Counting On fan, you may think that Jana Duggar is very sweet. On the show and on social media, she seems to be pretty friendly and helpful. She’s the eldest daughter of 19 kids, so she’s always helping out with her siblings, as well as her nieces and nephews.

From what fans see, it looks like she’s a very nice person. They don’t really have anything bad to say about Jana, based on what they have gathered from the show and social media.

Fans often talk about how kind she is and how helpful she is.

However, now, it seems like that might all be a front after new details about her personality are public.

Jana Duggar Instagram

Jana Duggar’s other side revealed?

A former friend of the family is sharing more about Jana Duggar’s personality. And she might not be as sweet as she lets on.

In a new post on Reddit, a former friend of the Duggars allowed other Reddit users to send in questions about the family. They then answered the questions, providing some interesting information that fans and critics wouldn’t otherwise find out.

Many details about the Duggar family have been exposed so far. So, what’s been said about Jana?

One critic asked about what Jana is doing these days. In response, the former friend explained, “Doing Jana things. She’s a b*tch. And her best friend laura DeMasie is an even bigger b*tch.”

In another comment, the former friend revealed how Jana Duggar compares to her sisters, writing, “Joy is the sweetest. Jana is the worst.”

Another critic asked for more details about Jana being not so sweet. The former friend said, “She’s just a b*tch dude, like rude as f*ck, only gives a sh*t about her sus asf friend laura (WHO BASICALLY LIVES IN JANAS ROOM) i can’t stand either of them. They think they’re so much better than everyone.”

In another thread, the former friend revealed that there is tension between Jana and her sister-in-law, Anna Duggar. Apparently, the two of them don’t get along, and the source also said that Anna was annoyed by Jana.

So, does it surprise you that Jana Duggar might not actually be as sweet as she seems? Do you think it’s all a front for the show and social media? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more Duggar news.

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