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Fans Beg For No Kody Brown On ‘Sister Wives’ Season 17?

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Without Kody Brown, there would be no Sister Wives. He’s married to all four women, now three, and the father to all eighteen children. Yet, it appears fans would rather watch Season 17 without the patriarch. Could there be a series without him?

Kody Brown Introduces His Family

In 2010, Kody introduced the world to his interesting family. He had three wives and twelve children. Back then, HBO’s Big Love was a smash hit and people were very interested in polygamous culture. With the Brown family, they were in the midst of courting a fourth wife. He had met his latest conquest, Robyn, through his first wife Meri who encouraged him to talk to her. Prior to that, he had married Janelle in 1993 and Christine in 1994. Meri had become his first and only legal wife in 1990 yet they always knew they would take on more than one wife prior to getting married. Sixteen years after Christine, something needed to change and it turned out, he needed a new wife. He fell hard for single mother Robyn, who had three kids from a previous marriage.

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There was also another new addition joining the home through Christine she was expecting her sixth child with Kody. There was barely enough room for their baby’s crib. Viewers became fascinated with this family who all lived in one home as they navigated bringing in a new woman with children. It was a lot but the entertainment value became a guilty pleasure. As the years went on, the family escaped Utah for Vegas to avoid Kody going to jail for his beliefs. He and Robyn had two kids, Meri and him divorced, kids got married, grandkids were born, another move happened, infidelity, and more. Through all of this, Kody started to rub fans the wrong way and now they are questioning if he has to return.

A Season Without Kody?

Season 17 was originally confirmed by Meri and Robyn via Instagram. Yet with Christine having exited the family, there are still a lot of uncertainties. If there is a new season, a Redditor wanted to know what fans would like to see. A Reddit thread was started asking this very important question and there was mixed reactions. First off, they are done with the Covid protocols and Kody pretending to work on his marriages when he only cares about Robyn. More so, they went on to say: “Anything without Kody.”

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A lot want to see more of the children and the wives uncensored: “Yes please! Can we see the wives living their best lives WITHOUT kody?!” Another added: “No Kody or Robyn unless he is courting a new pretty young wife.” It seems fans would be a lot happier if the focus was away from Kody an on everyone else. Yet, could there really be a series without the patriarch?

Would you still watch Sister Wives without Kody Brown? Let us know in the comments.

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    1. This show is getting old!! Really can’t stand Cody it was tuff watching season 16. And for God’s sake Robyn her fake cry is getting old and not one tear. I do have to say Christine should have won the actress of the year award. Every question she was asked was such soft spoken dramatically answered


    1. More of the wives, kids, grandkids and less if not none of Kody and Robyn, they have become a boring story line.

  2. I think it would be very interesting to expose the finances of this family. Only two women seem to make money and now Christine is supporting herself. Robin cries for a living and Kody “sells”. How did they pay for all of that land at Coyote Pass in addition to renting and buying four houses before even selling everything in Nevada? They also have several kids in college and high school years are not cheap either. I understand they had to agree to less money for this season’s reality show. Do they have heath insurance? Who paid for Isabel’s surgery? Did the original three resent having to support Robin’s three kids with whom she arrived? Does Christine get child support from Kody since her divorce? I have lots of questions for everyone.

    1. Great Questions. I hope they Will answer them but I highly doubt it, whenever these kinds of questions are asked they seem to tip toe around them. You and I both know Ysabel Brown’s surgery wasn’t paid for by Kody through his job (cause he doesn’t have one) Kody’s to busy taking care of Robyn’s kids carrying them up to their bedroom’s cause of a panic attack; because they have to move manison’s again.

  3. i knew right from the start Robyn was up to no good , its very very obvious to everyone watching , she wants Cody all to herself and its working , she is such a phoney , and not a genuine person , and she is bumping all the ladies off one by one , she is not fooling anyone ,

  4. No Kody? Yes, please!! Would love to see the wives spread their wings without Kody the jerk. So abusive to his wives.

  5. There are some people you just can’t stand to look at anymore…Kody and Biden are the first two that come to mind…I think you’re gonna see the ratings drop significantly in season 17…

  6. Kody has become so negative he’s painful to watch! I would love seeing more of the kids and grandkids and much less of Kody and sobbing Robyn. He would be fine married to JUST Robyn, and live in only one place. He doesn’t seem to spend any time with his older kids, and it really hit me wrong when he wanted Janelle to throw out the boys who weren’t taking Kody’s “rules” about Covid according to him. Then NOT going to his daughter’s back surgery…. I’m so so glad Christine left him. Not sure why Meri sticks around with no real marriage happening.

    1. Yes.get that Jerk out.he is such an ass and treat meri and janelle so bad
      Only cares for Robin.she is just as bad as kody.
      Meri and janelle.get away from him Now.

  7. I would definitely watch more of the family. I love the Browns. I think it would be great to watch Kody kick Sobbyn to the curb. Apologize to the other wives and all of the children. Get his stuff together.. etc. I would watch on any theme. But poetic justice would be for him to come out on the other side of his mid life crisis a renewed man and father.. kind of like Scrooge on Christmas Day. You could keep my interest until all the children had great great grandchildren. :0) Good luck to all my Browns. Hope to see you on the tube again soon!

  8. Sick to death of kody. Lost all interest in the series period. Think it is time to pull the plug on this series.

  9. Kody is an egoistic man. Hé is not a husband. Hé speaks only for himselves. And hé looks awful with his hair and beard.
    The fairytale is over. The sisters grew older, evenso their Kids, and they get married and get Kids.
    There is less love between the wonen and Kody.

  10. Robyn is a manipulative witch. She tricked
    Meri into divorcing Cody so she could be the legal wife. It was probably nothing about insurance for her kids. She was never a sister wife. Her first husband was only married to her at the time. I also can’t stand Cody for the way he treats his other wives and his REAL kids. He is not religious at all. He is just a phony.

  11. I would Love seeing No Cody. He is so negative with everyone but Robyn and her kids. He is the sole person responsible for splitting up the “Sister Wives”. He has also split up the children. He has got to go.

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