‘The Bachelor’s’ Matt James Struck By Car While Biking, Is He Ok?

Matt James is living the high life right now. The former Bachelor is doing great in his relationship, and he’s enjoying an active and fun lifestyle. Recently Matt got a reminder not to take life for granted as he got in an accident while biking.

While training for the Boston Marathon, something he’s been doing daily, Matt James went biking on his Citi Bike. Something unexpected happened on his way to an event. Matt got hit by a car. He’s been sharing his training regimen often training with lady love, Rachael Kirkconnell.

How Did The Accident Effect The Way Matt James Is Training?

On his Instagram story, Matt James shared that he wasn’t badly injured. James said, “but I landed on my feet cuz I’m an athlete.” He shared a video of his leg proving the opposite. He did get hurt in the accident. Sharing a video of his leg, it didn’t look good.

Pumped for the marathon, Matt has been sharing posts and pictures of his runs. He shared the below picture of himself a week ago running and said he couldn’t wait to run in the Boston Marathon. Matt said he couldn’t wait to raise more awareness for the USO. The USO is an organization that, “strengthens service members by keeping them connected to their family.”

Matt James, Instagram
Matt James, Instagram

Matt said the injury has changed the way he’s training for the marathon, but he doesn’t seem to be giving up. According to Heavy, he said it changed the way he’s doing things. He said he was going to focus on, “core, biking, stretching, and praying for the best.” He said he wasn’t going to try running until Boston and, “hope for the best.”

Fans Expressed Concern For His Safety

Matt James refused to let this setback ruin his training. He had a good attitude about it. However, according to Heavy, fans felt concerned for him. One commented he would be, “mad for the rest of his life,” if that had been him. He said it’s so frustrating how people simply don’t, “treat cyclists as people.”

Another fan noted being struck more than once. They told all their friends to be careful. Many on Reddit expressed happiness the injuries were minor.  One person said he wasn’t alone. They too were training for the Boston Marathon and had experienced several close calls.

One person didn’t let their personal feelings get in the way of being concerned. They posted, “I don’t really like Matt but I feel bad for him! Did the driver help him whatsoever?” They ended their post by saying they hated people. Aside from his traumatic experience, Matt’s new book is coming out. Read more about Matt James’ new book here. What do you think of Matt’s commitment to the marathon? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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